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Wrap Up: January 2021

Hello readers, I know I’m terribly late! I’m sorry, the days are too short and I have too much to do!

Anyway, welcome to the first wrap up of 2021! January was a good month for reading, I’ve read a total of 11 books, but there was the first DNF of the year too. And it’s a well known and loved title…

5 stars:

My very first read of this year is Allowed to grow old: read it if you love animals and if you want to cry over tearful stories and beautiful portraits of pigs, donkeys, etc…

I received The Lady Jewel Diviner through Booksirens as an ARC, and I’ve loved it so much!! It’s a regency mystery with a touch of supernatural and a little romance!

4 stars:

The audiobook version of The Steam Whistle Theatre company was really funny and entertaining!

It was a really long time since I’ve read a manga, and My Brother’s husband was a cute story! I will definitely continue reading this series!

3 stars:

I’ve read every single volume of Topolino for more than 10 years, then I stop. I casually saw this special Christmas edition, and can’t help myself.

I’m fascinated by spiritism and I’m a fan of Conan Doyle, so I had to read Through a glass, darkly. Interesting, but I was expecting more.

Bizarre England is a funny guide about strange/bizarre and weird location in England. I need to visit some of the places mention in here!

Unfortunately, The Hanged man is the first volume of a series without the sequels. It was a bit confusing sometimes, but the supernatural gift of the main character was well descripted.

2 stars:

Real haunted ouija boards wasn’t good as the others in the series, like Real Haunted cemeteries. I think I’m done with this author.

1 star/DNF:

I’m done with urban fantasy/comedy about Lucifer or angels or whatever. I never found it funny, except for Good Omens. So Clovenhoof is probably the last one.

L’orso e l’usignolo is the Italian version of The Bear and the Nightingale. I had to DNF because I couldn’t stand the MC and there were a lot of discrepancies in the plot, I don’t know if it’s just a problem of translation, but I hate them.

And that’s all! How was your reading month?

Tell me in the comments!

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