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Wrap Up: April 2022

Hello readers!

In April I’ve read 11 books with 1 DNF, and I managed, thanks to a readathon, to read some of the older (means I bought them years ago) books on my shelves.

5 stars:

It is always a great pleasure to come back to The ministry of curiosities, and that’s why I savor every volume. Beyond the grave wasn’t an exception. Next, we can find a great surprise, the first book an author sends to me through Instagram, you can find the review of Swallowed by a secret here.

Il tempo delle rose (Time to smell the roses) is the last volume in the Hermux Tantamoq series. I can’t express how much I love this mouse and his adventures.

The storyteller by Dave Grohl is a work of art, especially if, like me, you’ll listen to the audiobook version narrated by Grohl himself. There’s music too.

2 stars:

I can’t hide the disappointment after reading Mortal arts, it was so different from the previous The anatomist’s wife. The girl of fire and thorns is a typical YA, nothing more, and Son Goku is the original story and legend of Son Goku who inspired manga like Saiyuki or Dragonball. I no longer appreciate books like Death, the devil and the goldfish, but I gave it a try since was on my TBR for years.

1 star + DNF:

So similar to Wintersong, insta love, an illness of the Trolls that is exactly like mine, I save only the cover of Stolen Songbird. I’ve waited years to read Delia’s shadow, and didn’t like at all. The female characters are useless, the plot is boring, by again, great cover. The rib from which I remake the world is the DNF of the month, didn’t like, didn’t comprehend it, didn’t get involved by the characters.

How was your reading month?

Tell me in the comments!

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Wrap up: March 2022

Hello readers and welcome to another wrap up!

In March I’ve read a total of 12 books, with a DNF, as usual.

5 stars:

Jeremy Ray as quickly became one of my fave authors. Petrified women is a piece of art, I can’t recommend it enough.

E a mio nipote Albert lascio l’isola che ho vinto a Fatty Hagan in una partita a poker has the longest title I know. Super funny and entertaining.

4,5 stars to The golden key simply because is really strange and incredibly sad. But there’s a happy ending, perfect to shed a tear or two.

4 stars:

I’m participating in an Agatha Christie challenge on Instagram, and Giorno dei morti (sparkling cyanide) was my read for March.

Another great short story by Jeremy Ray, My mother’s eyes. I’ll also add that all his stories began with a page dedicated to the trigger warnings you’ll find in that story. Very thoughtful.

I love reading non-fiction books about weird/macabre topics, and Tomb raiders was funny and interesting.

Look how colorful the cover of The sapphire library is!! Love it! This is definitely my cozy series, love the characters, so happy to have discovered it!

3 stars:

Can we all agree that the cover of The time of green magic is special and wonderful? It reminds me of the works of Miyazaki, unfortunately, the plot isn’t really engaging.

One for sorrow is a middle grade set in 1918 with the outbreak of Spanish Influenza. A lot of things are happening even now with the Covid epidemic, it’s sad and hurtful.

2 stars/DNF:

Il castello di Otranto (The castle of Otranto) is weird and sometimes just absurd.

Death and the harlot had the possibility to be a great historical mystery, but it’s really fatphobic.

I DNF The route of ice and salt on page 20. Nothing more to say.

And that was my reading month, how was yours?

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Wrap up: February 2022

Hello readers and welcome to another wrap up!

My birthday was on 27th, I received a lovely steampunk rabbit music box!

Anyway, in February I’ve read 12 books with 1 DNF.

5 stars:

I’ve discovered A is for Arson through Instagram, and itìs fantastic, an historical fiction with an intelligent young woman and a super cute man and a mystery. And look at the cover! ❤

How a short story about a house plant can make you laugh, cry and change forever your idea of house plants? If it’s written by Jeremy Ray, apparently, my new favorite author.

4 stars:

How lovely is the cover of Assassinio sull’Orient Express?(Murder on the Orient Express) A great classic.

React is a short story with a great plot twist. The winter freak show is a great historical mystery/fantasy, really adventurous.

3 stars:

It was a dark and creepy night space up to really nightmares materials stories to WTF? are you kidding me? Stories. There’s no middle ground.

By the same author as React comes Driving in the dark, great cover but predictable.

2 stars:

Interviewing the dead was predictable and a little boring, but I’ve loved Carlyle’s daughter and her obvious crush.

My respect to The Queen, it was lovely to read about her, but the investigation and the mystery in The Windsor’s knot were terrible.

1 star/DNF:

I had to DNF The binding because the motivations of the characters to erase the memory were horrible.

This dark endeavor is a prequel of Frankenstein following the Frankenstein brothers, but Victor is a terrible character, it’s ableist and there’s violence against animals.

Look at me, giving Hamnet only 1 star, because if it’s about Hamnet, the son of William Shakespeare, I want to read about him, not his mother or his grandma. Very disappointing.

How was your reading month?

What do you plan on reading next month? Tell me in the comments!

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Wrap Up: January 2022

Hello readers, sorry if I’m late for this wrap up, I totally forgot to post it!

In January I’ve read 11 books and 1 DNF, a super hyped book.

5 stars:

Did you know that there’s a book with some of the letters from Theo to Vincent, alongside letters from Jo (Theo’s wife) and Gauguin? In Italian is Verranno Giorni migliori, from a phrase in a Theo’s letter. An unmissable read if you love the Van Gogh brothers.

Once upon a haunted moor is a supernatural/crime/m/m book, lovely and creepy, and with remarkable characters.

My first read of 2022 was The Last photograph of John Buckley, a short story about a ghost in a photo, some secrets, and justice.

4 stars:

Devil may care is a spin-off/ sequel of Dracula, where the Harker, both Mina and Jonathan, need to investigate some dark supernatural circumstances. Very entertaining.

Il segreto di Greenshore (Poirot and the Greenshore folly) is a short story involving Poirot, very well crafted and planned, like you can expect from Agatha Christie. I’m participating in a Christie challenge this year on Instagram, if you are interested you can find the post here.

3 and 2 stars:

3 stars to Happily Ever awkward, that from the cover alone seems a sci-fi book, in reality, is a funny twist of the traditional fairytales, with the princess who wants to be kidnapped so she places an AD on a journal, to the prince who isn’t charming, or brave…

A historical fiction that is set during the great blizzard of 1888 of New York, rapidly became boring and predictable, I had great expectations from What the dead leave behind.

Another disappointment was Paola Santiago and the river of tears: I wasn’t a fun of Paola, and La Llorona appears at the end of the book, too late to save the plot.

1 star/DNF:

Three hyped books are fallen under my severe judgment: I’ve understood that I didn’t like the writing style of Schwab, so I had to DNF This savage song; The silence of the girls was a constant eye-rolling to Briseid; in Come una lady sfugge ai cannibali there’s a scene of a se*ual assault to a man, gratuitous and unnecessary; and I don’t want to talk about The devil and the dark water, is simply disgusting.

Remember that these are my opinions, if you liked the books above I’m happy for you!

And that’s all, have you had a good reading month? Tell me in the comments!

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Worst Books of 2021

Hello readers! A bad case of acid reflux has caught me today, thanks to the pills I need to take to control my chronic illness… it’s not funny.

Anyway, a couple of days ago I posted the best books I’ve read in 2021, so here are the worst books. Be prepare.

A lot of horror books in here, because, like horror movies, I’m attracted by them but usually disappointed. Sorry.

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Best books of 2021

Hello readers! Here’s the first post recap of all the books I’ve read in 2021.

This post will focus on the best of the best!

If someone is interested, here you can find my year in books on Goodreads. Feel free to add me as a friend or send me a request if you like my profile!

It’s quite a selection, some middle grade, a lot of historical fiction, both crime and a little romance, I’m satisfied with those 5 stars books.

In the next few days you will find the post with the worst books of 2021.

Happy reading!

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Wrap Up: December 2021

Hello readers and welcome to the last wrap-up of 2021!

Have you received some books for Christmas? I have received from myself (XD) some new books, you can find them on my Instagram page.

Mid-December I finally hit my goal for the Goodreads challenge, and I’ve finished the year with a total of 135 books read.

In December I’ve read a total of 13 books, no DNF!

5 stars:

Finally, 3 books in a month have received 5 stars: The selkie scandal is a lovely prequel/spin-off to The Lady Jewel diviner series, where we can enjoy the company of Jaq and Lord Beresford, and his jam, of course; Caos sotto il vischio (The lady’s guide to mistletoe and mayhem) is a lovely historical romance set in Scotland, full of laughter, kisses and a happy ending; Santa Inc. was a surprise since it’s really underrated but is a perfect story for Christmas, full of hope and the magic of Christmas.

4 stars:

Another surprise this month was Grace’s ghost, a heartwarming story about a lonely girl who befriend the ghost of her town.

Snowspelled has a beautiful cover, an intelligent and strong female MC, elves and romance.

3 stars:

The case of the missing hippo and Tiny T.rex and the impossible hug are 2 children/middle-grade books that all children would love. Look how cute and colourful are the covers!

Champagne widows is a historical fiction about Veuve Cliquot, the widow who has “invented” and commercialized the brand of champagne Veuve Cliquot. Really interesting if you like champagne and French history.

2 stars:

Nessie and all the water “monsters” are my favorite cryptid, and that’s why By the silver water of Lake Champlain has received 2 stars and not only one, because the story is inconclusive.

The cover of Mrs. Claus and the Santaland Slayings is totally festive and Christmassy, but I didn’t like the treatment received by Mrs. Claus by her husband’s family. They’re all mean.

I really liked the middle part of Moo, but not the beginning or the ending.

1 star:

Hello, it’s always me, not liking a super loved and hyped book like A dowry of blood. But I love the cover.

The main reason for the 1-star rating of The legend of the pumpkin thief is that is printed very poorly, I can’t comprehend how they (book depository) can sell a book like this. It’s missing a word on the cover too!!

And that’s all, I wish all of you a Happy New Year, full of beautiful books and adventures, see you again in a couple of days with the best and the worst of 2021!

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Wrap Up: November 2021

Hello readers! Sorry I’m late, I was really busy at work in the past days!

In November I read a total of 11 books, with 2 DNF. No five stars for me this month.

4 stars:

I’ve received an ARC of Marlon finds a way through Booksirens. It’s a lovely book about a cat who wants to befriend a bird, perfect to read to children!

Obviously, I love food, I love cooking, but I will never be able to do all the recipes in Mary Berry’s Christmas collection.

3 stars:

Can we agree that the cover of Three sisters in black is one of the most terrifying ever seen? An interesting book about a strange tragedy that happened a hundred years ago.

River of lies has a beautiful setting, a great diverse cast of characters, but unfortunately, I didn’t understand a lot of what happened, since it’s a novella strictly connected to the main volume. My fault, of course.

2 stars:

I’ve loved Spectacle, the first book in the duology, but Sensational isn’t good as the first one. The plot is slow, the characters aren’t connected as before, seems like the author was forced to write a second book.

I loved the premises of Yesternight, involving reincarnation and past lives, but the execution was poor and the ending was terrible, one of the worst endings I ever read.

As always, I’m here to give a famous and hyped book a poor rating. Home before dark was interesting in the parts written by the father of the MC, but the plot was so similar to The Haunting of Hill House (tv show).

1 star/DNF:

Half bad was the first I’ve DNF in November, together with Mrs. Perivale and the blue fire crystal. The first was written like Twitter, I couldn’t stand it; the second was interesting because the MC is an elderly lady (she’s dressed like Queen Elizabeth on the cover?) but it lost me after a couple of chapters.

Artemis (same title as original) was the second book by Andy Weir: I’ve loved so much The martian, it broke my heart to give this book only 1 star, but it was boring, unrealistic and Weir can’t write about a female MC.

I’ve received The Poe Predictament through Booksirens, but it wasn’t good. It involves a time travel to meet young Edgar Allan Poe and how he wrote all his horror stories, but it’s just weird and not historically accurate.

And that was my reading month, hope that December will bring me better books!

How was your month? Tell me in the comments!

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Wrap Up: October 2021

Hello readers! October is gone too fast, and now everywhere it’s already Christmas…

During October, I managed to read 11 books, with a DNF.

5 stars:

Only Amelia Fang and the Half Moon Holiday have reached 5 stars this month! I love this series so much!

4 stars:

I need my monster is a lovely illustrated children’s book perfect for Halloween, but also full of friendship and colors. Children will love it!

The fifth book in the Redmond and Haze series is Murder in the grave. I liked it much more than the previous two volumes, the mystery is really intriguing.

3 stars:

If you are a fan of true crime stories, you had to know the story of JonBenét, in JonBenét: inside the Ramsey murder investigation, you will find a lot of information, theories and suspects. It was interesting, but too long for my liking.

I didn’t realize that Buried beneath the boarding house was the story of Dorotea Puente until I began the book. It’s a macabre story, but very well written.

2 stars:

I was expecting more from Crane, also, the cover is great but it doesn’t remind me of the legend of Sleepy Hollow.

You can read my review of The Women of Blackmouth street here.

The pumpkin field has an amazing cover, but it’s a super short story, written in more than one language, definitely too short.

1 star + DNF:

Confessions is my DNF of the month.

You can read my negative review of The Spirit Engineer here.

What can I say about A House at the bottom of a lake? Two teenagers are searching for a place for their first time together. A House. Completely furnished. At the bottom of a lake. And do you think this is a good idea? Malerman already failed me with Bird box, this is the confirmation that he’s not an author I like.

And that was my reading month, full of horror/thriller and true crime books.

What about you? Have you read some great books this month? Tell me in the comments!