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End of Autumn Recap Tag

Hello readers! I’m coming back with this lovely recap tag made by Faith. Go and check this great blog!

Like Faith, I will count books read from September to the end of November, feel free to adjust it.

Just a little note: I will be in London for my Christmas Holidays until the 30th of December, so I will post all my “best or worst of” in the new year!

The Questions

  • Which book can you not stop thinking about?


This book was so good, adventurous and heartwarming. I also love the interaction with the author on Twitter.

  • Which book would you rather have not read?


Circe was a big no for me, and this experience has ruined a little my memories of The song of Achilles.

  • What genre did you read the most?

I’ve read lot of horror during autumn, thanks to Halloween.

  • Which book surprised you the most?


Mirror Mirror is a short horror story that has creeped me out. Just what I want from a horror book.

  • Which book disappointed you the most?


I waited months for reading Island of the dolls, I was so curious about this creepy island, but this series is really disappointing.

  • What was your favorite cover?


  • What was your favorite fall/autumn release?

I don’t follow the new/recent release, so I really don’t know.

  • Which books did you plan on reading, but you never got around to?

I really wanted to re-read Harry Potter (the illustrated version), but I didn’t find the time! ç__ç

  • Which books do you plan on reading in the winter?

The cover of Greenglass house is perfect for winter, right?

Tag done! What are you planning on reading in winter?

Tell me in the comments, and a Merry Christmas to all of you! ❤

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Reading Challenges 2020

Hello readers!

As the new year approaches, I was searching for new reading challenges to do in 2020. These are the chosen, all very simple.

For the Love of Ebooks 2020


The lovely Tina of As Told by Tina has a bunch of great reading challenges, and also a post where you can list all the reading challenges of 2020. I chose For the love of ebooks, a challenge where you can read all the ebooks you want, since now I have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited too. I will participate for the Pro Status, 20-29 ebooks.

Mount TBR 2020

Mount TBR

The Mount TBR challenge is back in 2020! This challenge is to read a certain number of book to reach the top of one famous mountain. Next year I will climb Mount Ararat with 48 books.

The A to Z reading challenge 2020


I love making lists, especially lists of books. So, I’m super happy to participate again to the A to Z reading challenge! The goal is to read a book for every letter of the alphabet.


And that’s all for now, do you participate in reading challenges? Do you like them?

Tell me in the comments!

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Wrap Up: November 2019

Hello readers!

December is finally here, and here’s the recap of my readings in November. At the end of November, I reached my goal of 110 books on Goodreads, I’m so happy!

In November I read a total of 10 books, with 1 DNF. As I’ve done last month, from now on I will include in this wrap up the books I read in Italian too, with title translation when possible.

5 Stars:


Il Mondo è un teatro (Shakespeare, The world as stage) by Bill Bryson: my first ever Bryson book, I totally love it, it’s a great non-fiction about Shakespeare and the world where he has lived.

4 stars:


The Midnight Sea by Kat Ross: I’ve finally read this hyped book! Everyone in my country seems to love it, I’ve found it really readable and full of action, but a little predictable.

3 Stars:

Sitting Murder by A.J. Wright: this is the fourth book in the Lancashire Detective Mystery series. I love the cover, and the mystery behind the crime is interesting, but there’s a lot of dialects (of Lancashire, I suppose), that makes difficult for me to read.

Crypto by Dan Brown: hello again Mr Brown! I really liked the action parts of this book, but also found boring the computer and codes parts.

2 stars:

Il Drago verde (Dragon’s green) by Scarlett Thomas: this is a strange and confusional book. Sometimes it seems a middle grade, but then there are more adult scenes. It began with a simple plot, but then it adds more worlds, and magic and characters and I was really confused.

La Maschera di Bali by Francesco Durigon: sorry, no translation for this one! A steampunk book, too short for the plot.

The Butchered Man by Harriet Smart: the first 3 chapters were really interesting and I was captivated by the story. Then it began to be boring and more focused on gossip about the characters than solving the crime.

1 star:

Circe by Madeline Miller: I know. I’ve cried all my tears when I finished this book and I understood that I hated it. Well, I really disliked it during my reading too, found it boring and not at all write as good as The Song Of Achilles.

Island of the dolls by Jeremy Bates: as you can read in my review (link on the title), Island of the dolls as the exact same plot and situations as the Suicide forest. But now I want to read all this series, just to find out if even the other books are the same as these two.



The Shrigley abduction by Ashby & Jones: Oh my, I was bored to death.

And that’s my recap! How was your reading month? Have you read some 5 stars books?

Tell me in the comments!