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Worst Books of 2019

Hello readers, how are you?

After the good (Best books of 2019) and the beautiful (Best covers of 2019), it’s now time to see the worst books I’ve read in 2019.

Please don’t be offended if one of your fave books is on this post, this is my personal opinion, I will not cause you to stress or offend you.

I will make another separate post for the book I DNFed last year.

These are the books that I disliked so much last, or even that I hated.

We have Smoke gets in your eyes, disrespectful and that has left me questioning about the hygiene rules in the US.

The destroyer was ridiculous, Island of the dolls was the copy of Suicide forest, Circe was so boring I had to force myself reading it.

The case of the green dressed ghost is fatphobic, so keep this in mind if you want to read it; The land of yesterday has a beautiful cover but it was just so weird.

And the last one, Just one damned thing after another… characters that act stupid, unnecessary s*x scenes but again, an appealing cover. I was so disappointed.

And that’s all, fortunately there were more good books last year than bad books!

Do you have read some bad or boring books last year? Tell me in the comments!

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Best covers of 2019

Hello readers! How are you?

I’m here to show you my personal favourite covers of books that I read in 2019! They are not books published in 2019, as I read mostly backlisted books.

What you prefer to see on a cover? A beautiful dress, a shirtless guy, the ever-present snake? XD

As you can see from my selection, I’m a fan of Steampunk covers. Lady Mechanica is the perfect example.

I also have an obsession for typography/calligraphy, so my eyes are captured by how the title is written, like Limelight.

But the creepy cover of Constable & Toop is a little jewel, the perspective is amazing, it seems to have tridimensionality, right?

These were my ten favourite covers of 2019!

Do you agree with me?

Tell me in the comments what’s your best cover of the last year!

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Best Books of 2019

Hello readers!

I’m a little late with all my posts about the best or worst of 2019, but 2020 has begun with some health problems for one of my cat.

Here we are now, with the best books I read in 2019!!

These 10 books are the best of the best of the 121 total books I read in the last year.

Two are non-fiction: “All that remains” and “Il mondo è un teatro” about anatomy and mortality the first; Shakespeare and his era the second.

Four of these are middle grade: “The wingsnatchers” the first in the Carmer and Grit trilogy, I really can’t stop talking about it; “The cat man of Aleppo” is a touching graphic novel, everyone need to read it; “The nowhere emporium”, the best cover I own; “Constable & Toop” is deliciously creepy.

Three are historical fiction: “The Cure for dreaming” from my fave gothic/historical author Cat Winters; “Her Majesty’s necromancer” is even better than the first on in the series; “The yard” a historical crime really well done with spectacular characters.

And the one it took me by surprise, because I thought it was just another YA: “The Belles”, with a lovely cover, an interesting world-building and lots of plot twists.

Have you read some of these books?

Have you read some great books last year?

Tell me in the comments!

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Wrap up: December 2019

Hello readers and Happy New Year!

How was your reading month?

I managed to read 11 books on December, without DNF! It’s a miracle, I know.

What was the last book you’ve read in 2019? Mine was a non-fiction book about murders, so typically me.

As usual, I will include the books that I’ve read in Italian, with the title translated, if possible.

5 Stars:


3 books with 5 stars? How this is even possible? The magic of Christmas, I suppose.

The electrical menagerie is so beautiful! I can’t even describe how much I’ve loved it. Go and read it, it’s so underrated!

Arbrook Huxley and the miraculous confection: we are lucky, because the author of The Electrical Menagerie has written a couple of short stories!

The cure for dreaming is another great historical/gothic book written by Cat Winters. For me, she’s the queen of these books genres.

4 stars:

Another short story from the universe of The celestial isles! A celestial quartet shows us a little more about the characters of The electrical menagerie, and it’s free on the author’s site!

The audiobook version of Mary Poppins is a lovely company during the Christmas holidays! I really enjoy it.

3 stars:

Ah, always the special snowflake syndrome! Something that never change, right? Snow like ashes has a beautiful cover, but it was pretty flat for me.

The bank holiday murders is my last book of 2019: a non-fiction book about murders occurs in Whitechapel just before Jack The Ripper began to strike.

2 stars:

The catacombs was a little better than the other two in the series (Suicide forest/island of the dolls), but the plot is basically the same. Also, the main culprit is always the same kind of  “creature”.

I’ve read dozens of yaoi fanfictions with a better plot and better s*x scenes of The magpie lord. Totally not impressed, I won’t finish this series.

1 star:


The only 1 star book is a book about Christmas. Unholy night (that’s the original title) was funny only when Mary or her husband are involved. So, for me, that’s the last book written by Grahame Smith that I read in my life.


And that’s was my reading month, how about yours?

Tell me in the comments!