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Characters of The Year Tag (2020)

Hello readers! I’ve found this great tag on And On She Reads, and I’ve decided to do it even if I’m not tagged!


Favourite Male Character Of The Year:
My choice is not the best looking, sexy or similar character, no, my choice is Uncle Percy from the Time Hunters saga. An uncle sweet and caring, with an enormous manor house and who is a time traveller. Love him.

Favourite Female Character Of The Year:
Charley Steel from S.C.R.E.A.M. series and Amelia Fang are my choices for favourite female of the year. The first one is a disabled MC really strong and brave, the second is sweet, caring and I love the illustrations!

Most Relatable Character Of The Year:
I think that both Book Love and The worrier’s guide to life are really relatable to me!XD

Couple Of The Year:
I don’t usually read romance, so between Middle grade books and horrors is difficult to find a couple… but Parish Constable Daniel Haze and his wife (obviously I can’t remember her name) from Murder in the crypt are a couple that I really liked.

Villain Of The Year:
Well, this is easy: the vampires from Dracul by Stoker/Barker. I can’t write the names because they’re spoilers, but rest assure they are scary and evil vampires.

Most Disliked Character Of The Year:
Everyone and everything in Il Diavolo ai giardini Cavour (The devil at Cavour’s gardens). It’s a crime/supernatural set in my city (Torino, Italy) but every citizen is portrayed so bad! One is super arrogant, another is a liar… I can’t stand them.

Royal Of The Year:
Again, not a lot of royals for me… The one that is nearly royalty is Seth deMage, the new Duke of Leithfield from Ella, The slayer, a retelling of Cinderella.

Sidekick / Non-Main Character Of The Year:
Samira and Blitzen from Magnus Chase and the Sword of summer! I love every side kick character in Riordan books, they are unique and great as the MC!

Siblings Of The Year:

Again I need to say The Time Hunters saga, because there are Becky and Joe, who apparently doesn’t get along well but are always there for each other, for their Uncle Percy and for thier friend Will.

Favourite Friendship:

I added this question because, for me, friendship is just as important as love, and there are a lot of books with great friends. Modo and Octavia from The Hunchback assignments are an unlikely couple of friends; Sophie, Hattie and Owen from A New Friend are adorable and perfect for children; Redmond and Haze are first collagues then friends, both likeable and kind characters.

That’s it!

Have you done this tag? I will love to read your answers, so feel free to do this tag if you liked or to leave a link to your post!

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