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On hiatus

Hello lovely readers. Just a quick post to tell you that my blog will be on hiatus for all April, and maybe more. I will surely post the April wrap up at the end of the month, but I will be on hiatus on most of my social media too.

I had a really stressful week, my anxiety was overwhelming me, and then something bad happened with another book blogger on Twitter and I decided to quit for a little bit.

Bye, for now.


With love,


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Wrap Up: March 2019

Hello April! Spring is here, where I live we don’t see a drop of rain from months, but everywhere there are flowers blossoming!

In March I read a total of 10 books, two in Italian and 1 DNF. And it was an ARC, sob.

4 stars:

I didn’t expect to like The Belles like I did, but after a not-so-great-beginning, I was captured by the story. The Lost history of dreams has a disappointing ending.

3 stars:

I’m not really into romance books, so it’s a miracle that When Dimple met Rishi has to earn 3 stars. The elsewhere emporium has a lot of problems of graphic or it was just my tablet, I don’t know. But I love the cover.

2 stars:

3 amazing covers! What’s your favourite? Unfortunately, all these three books were a delusion for me. Hand and talon is a fantasy with nothing more than others. All that we see or seem has a super instalove and love triangle, with a whiny main character. The gauntlet was boring and predictable.

1 star (DNF):


Another beautiful cover but oh my, the story is terrible. That’s why the Goodreads rating is only 2.74.

As you can see, no 5 stars read for me this month! How was your reading month?