About me

Hello! I’m Diana, I currently live in Italy, and I read a lot of english books.

That’s why I decided to open this blog, my second blog.

The first one is in italian, and you can find it here: latartarugasimuove.blogspot.it

I named that blog after a Terry Pratchett book, “Small Gods”, and I named this blog after a Neil Gaiman book, “Fortunately, the milk”. Now you know two of my favourites author.

The others are: Christopher Moore, Emma Trevayne, Arthur Conan Doyle, Alexandre Dumas, Michael Hoeye, Edgar Allan Poe, Cat Winters, Colleen Gleason.

I already read and review books written in english, but I wasn’t confident to write a review in english, but at the same time I feel sorry because the authors can’t comprehend my reviews. That’s why I have open this blog.

I love steampunk books, crime and mistery, horror and gothic books. I don’t like romance, sorry!

I will be happy if you want to follow me, or just like my post!

I don’t accept review request, I’m sorry. I’ve accepted 2 atthe beginning of the blog and doesn’t end well.