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Why I quit Twitter more than a year ago

Hello readers!

Today I’m here for a little explanation/accusation post about why I quit Twitter more than a year ago.

(I can’t cancel the icon of it in the right column of the block, I’m sorry)

And since the recent development thanks to the new CEO Musk, I’m more than happy to have done it.

Obviously, I’m not here to accuse those of you who still use it, I just want to tell someone about my unfortunate experience with this social.

I don’t clearly remember when I first created my Twitter account, but I suppose it was more than 10 years ago. When I closed it, I had nearly 700 followers.

In those years I’ve been bullied by other users for my cosplays, I have tweeted nearly every day without a single interaction, but the last straw was the bullying from the social media manager (and other users) of the “antagonist” of Goodreads, the one beginning with Story…

I had replied to one of my friends who was asking our opinion on that website/app. I told the truth, without accusing or criticizing: I told that a couple of years before, I tried it, but the website wouldn’t upload books in languages other than English, and I was sure that they had repaired that function, but I wasn’t using at the moment. I didn’t tell it means that I’ve lost more than 500 books from my archive. I didn’t tag the account of Story… neither has my friend.

But I received very sarcastic and angry replies from other users and from the official account saying that I was out of date, that it was my fault to have tried the app/website when it was first developed, and that it was my fault to have books in other languages.

Half an hour later I deleted both my Twitter and Story… accounts.

I know most of us have faced sooner or later some kind of online bullying, but I confess it still hurts to think about it. And without a doubt, I’ll never use that website.

If you have read till here, thanks. ❤


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