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Wrap up: July 2019

Hello readers! I’m back from my holidays, I’m ready and full of ideas for new blog posts, but first, let’s see what I read back in July!

I’ve read 10 books in July, all of them in English!

5 and more stars:


I love this series sooooo much, and it’s so underrated!! I never see this series on Instagram or in a book tag, and it’s a shame because the plot and the characters are amazing!

3 stars:

A lot of middle grades here!

Teddy Bears in Monsterland is really cute, maybe you don’t know, but I’m collecting Teddy Bears!

The boy from tomorrow is really well written and it’s original and a spooky, unfortunately, it’s also really sad and there’s violence against animals and children, and I don’t like it.

The trials of Morrigan Crow has a lot of potential and the setting and descriptions really have captured my attention, but I was expecting more.

Ink and Bone is the same: I was expecting more, but I was really bored. I liked the secondary characters a lot more than the MC.

The grave digger is set in America, Ohio, in 1875, and it’s a nice change for me. The idea is original, but it’s not well developed, especially the ending.

2 stars:

Those two books are both a little spooky and gothic, but The Requiem Red suffers from confusionary chapters, where I can understand the character who spoke or what’s going on.

Shadow on the wall is better written and understandable, but the mystery and the “horror” scenes are predictable.

1 star:

The destroyer was ridiculous: a main character totally obsessed to make love with every woman he sees. I lost count of how many times I rolled my eyes.


Children shouldn’t play with dead things has a beautiful cover, but it’s so full of clichès and it’s so similar to a bunch of other YA (special powers, mysterious boy, she doesn’t know she’s special, instalove…) I had to DNF it.


And that’s my reading month! How was your July? It’s still hot where you live?

Tell me in the comments!