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Wrap Up: January 2019

Hello! And January is gone!

How was your reading month? I read a total of 9 books, 1 in Italian and 1 DNF. From this month I decided to change a little this meme, so I divide the books for their rating.

Almost 5 stars:


All that remains by Sue Black is definitely the best book of January, but it doesn’t win a 5 stars rating. You can read why in my review, I will post it in a couple of days, I promise.

4 Stars:


Norse mythology by Neil Gaiman: I listened to the audiobook version, and it’s wonderful.

3 Stars:

If I’m honest, I liked more Fairy Eyeglasses than Hunting Prince Dracula. It was my last attempt with the series by Kerri Maniscalco, I don’t want to read the next one.

2 stars:

Hello, it’s me, always disliking the superhyped books. Vengeance Road was a little meh for me, but I love the cover. Dolly was just really boring and disappointing, and I decided to give up with all the Susan Hill’s books.

1 star:


You’ve already read my review of Bedlam, right? So disappointing.



My first DNF of the year: as I write in my review, I can’t stand it anymore. And I started thinking that retellings aren’t a genre for me.

And that’s all! I wish a happy reading month to all of you!


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The ABC Book Challenge (E)

Hello! How’s everyone doing? It’s nearly February, my birthday month!

The challenge is to post some books that I loved and some books that are still on my TBR (please TBR, don’t hurt me), corresponding to each letter of the alphabet.

Personally, I found this challenge on A Book. A Thought. Go and check this great blog!

Please remember that maybe some books will be in Italian. I will write the English title too.

The ABC Book Challenge (A)

The ABC Book Challenge (B)

The ABC Book Challenge (C)

The ABC Book Challenge (D)

Here are my fave books:

I didn’t have a lot of books with the letter E! O___O

Emma (Victorian Romance Emma) by Kaoru Mori: a lovely and delicate manga about a British maid and her love for the son of a wealthy family. I watched all the anime series, and it’s one of my fave.

Excel Saga by Koshi Rikudo: I didn’t finish the manga series, but the anime was hilarious!

Empath by S. Usher Evans: a 5 star rating fantasy that I received through a giveaway. It’s very underrated, and it’s a shame.

To Be Read books:

Eyes Like Stars  –  Eric  –  Edison: The mystery of the missing mouse treasure

I leave you the OST of Emma. Isn’t it beautiful?

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2019: My Reading Resolutions

Hello again!

Today I’m here to share with you my reading resolutions for this year. I know I’m late, sorry!

  1. Reading at least 100 books: in the last month, a certain type of anxiety has risen in me. I own a lot of books, most of them are to be read. So this year, I want to read at least 100 books, but I’m planning on reading between 8 and 10 books per month, so I hope to reach 120 by the end of the year.
  2. Reading the older books on my shelf: some of the books that I still need to read are with me from at least 3 years, so before I went to live in my current home. I’m a little ashamed of that.
  3. Finish some series: I have a lot of series I need to finish, like The Gardella chronicles and The Three Musketeers trilogy.
  4. No more genre that I don’t like: in December I finally decided that I don’t want to try to read genre that I didn’t like in the past, like sci-fi. I have tried and I have failed, and now I’m tired.  I will eventually read the older books that I already have, but no more than these.
  5. The 26 books for the A to Z challenge: I’m participating in the A To Z challenge, and I need to read 26 books with specific titles. I’m so excited!
  6. More classic, more non-fiction: in the past years I accumulated a lot of classics I want to read, and last year I think I read…0. Well done, Diana! I discovered that I really like non-fiction books, and I added a lot to my wishlist, so I hope to read it more this year! I began with Bedlam that was bad, but now I’m reading All That Remains and it’s so good!


And these are my resolutions! What do you think? Do you set a goal on Goodreads?

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The New Year’s Book Tag

I found this tag on As Told By Tina, and it’s perfect for this time of the year!

1. How many books are you planning to read in 2019?

The first thing that I did every January 1st is set my Goodreads Challenge, and this told so much about my social life. This year my goal is 100, but I hope to read between 100 and 120.

2. Name 5 books that you didn’t get to this year but want to make a priority in 2019.
The last Magician by Liza Maxwell

Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend

The Time Machine By Wells

Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman

The raven’s tale by Cat Winters

3. What genre do you want to read more of?
I want to read more historical fiction, because I love it so much, and more non-fiction too.

4. Name 3 non book related goals for 2019.
Survive another year, just this.


5. What’s a book you’ve had forever that you still need to read?
Probably the last instalment in the Gardella Chronicles by Colleen Gleason. When I was a teen I was obsessed with vampires, but right now my love is diminished. However, this series is great!

6. One word that your hoping 2019 will be:
Friendly: a year friendly with me, with my family, without all the drama of the past years. Friendly also because I want to make new friends.

7. Tag a friend! I tag you!!

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From Madness to the crime: 2 mini reviews





Title: Bedlam, London and its mad / Underworld London, Crime and Punishment in the Capital City

Author: Catharine Arnold

Pages: 320 / 352

Genre: true crime, non-fiction, history, mental illness

Editor: Simon Shuster Uk

Rating on Goodreads: Underworld 3.91 / Bedlam 3.54

My rating: Bedlam 1/5 – Underworld London 4.5/5

Trigger Warning: death, blood, graphic description of corpse, violence and murder, child abuse

Goodreads: Bedlam / Underworld London


I will review these two books together, because I read them in the past months and they are from the same author. And better be prepared, because one of the books will receive a negative review.

Let’s begin with Underworld London, that’s so much better than Bedlam. I have a thing for macabre and dark history, so I was always attracted by the books of Catharine Arnold. Underworld London it’s a long journey about the crime, the most famous criminals and the punishment in London.

We can read of assassin and murderers, from Newgate to Tyburn, from the middle age to the modern days. Each chapter is focused on a famous criminal of a location, but most of the times the author tends to divagate from the main topic. It’s okay, I can tolerate.

But there is a problem: a series of mistakes in one of the chapters. You maybe want to know that I’m obsessed with Jack The Ripper, so obviously I know a thing or two.

Well, in the so brief chapter about Jack and his murders, the main Inspector who conduct the investigations is named Abbeline. But everybody knows that his name is Frederick Abberline. I thought of a series of typos (it’s weird, but…) but then, I read Bedlam and a review on Goodreads has caught my attention: the reviewer says that there are a lot of errors about a character in this book.


Are you kidding me? A non-fiction book with poor research and a lot of mistakes about real people, and maybe other errors in god knows what. meybe there are mistakes about other people, or their crimes, or about the psychiatric treatment. I was so disappointed.

Bedlam is also the most muddler and chaotic book I ever read. I wanted to read about Bedlam, the hospital and the illness, the life inside the hospital and the most famous patients.

Instead, I’ve read chapter and chapters about all the supervisor of the hospital, about the land on where was the building, and a lot of digressions. A transantlantic of digressions.


It’s like: I want to read Harry Potter, instead I read a finnish manual about salmon.

I haven’t learned a single thing about the building I visited in December, and also the chapter about the Modern Bedlam, now the Imperial War Museum, is poor written. A couple of lines and that’s all. And it’s a shame because the museum is extraordinary.

I’m also disappointed because I already buy Necropolis from the same author. I don’t know if I want to read it.



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Worst books of 2018

Hello everyone! Here’s my post with the worst/most disappointing/DNF books of 2018. I’m really a bad person, so probably there will be a lot of books. Please be aware that I will include the books that I read in Italian and also that’s only my opinion.

If I have to choose the worst of the worst, the book that I hated most in 2018, it will be I, Lucifer. A spark Unseen was really disappointing, because the first book of this series was really good.

The last days of night... so incredibly boring, even with an interesting setting.

Mr confidence was so sexist and so rude that I decided to not accept review copies anymore.


I dodici(The Twelve) was ridiculous, I hated the MC of Vita dopo Vita (Life after Life) and I hated Ci vogliono le palle per essere una donna (How to be a woman).

And that’s the ending, these are all the books that I hated or didn’t like it.

What are the worst books you read in the past year?


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Best Books of 2018

Happy New year! Ready for another year of books?

Here’s my list of the best books I read in 2018, for the Italian titles I add the original title.

In 2018 I read a total of 100 books, surpassing my GR goal of 90 by 10 books!



I racconti dell’oltretomba (Can’t find the original title!!) by Ambrose Bierce; L’uomo che odiava Sherlock Holmes (The Sherlockian) bu Graham Moore; Wonder by Palacio and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn are my fave titles that I read in Italian.

I must say, a collection of beautiful books and beautiful covers too!

I’ ve posted the review of Bring Me Their Hearts and Del Toro Moon on my blog, you can click the title to read it.

As you can see, most of them are fantasy, some historical fiction and Steampunk, and one contemporary. I’m pretty satisfied, but in the next days I will post the worst/most disappointing books of 2018!