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The Great British Bake Off Book Tag

Hello readers! I haven’t done a Tag in a while, but I had to do this, because GBBO is one of my favourite shows! This tag was created by Zaheerah, but I found it on Life of a literary nerd.

Amateur Bake: A self-published book


Dead school

I’m not really sure if this is self-published, usually I don’t give attention to this detail. Anyway, Dead school is funny!

Soggy Bottom: A book with a great start and a disappointing ending


The lost history of dreams

The most disappointing ending of all the time.

Bingate: A book you got frustrated with and had to DNF



This is my last DNF: I couldn’t stand the whiny main character.

Junior Bake Off: A children’s book


Charlie and the chocolate factory

A classic!

A Hollywood Handshake: A book that impressed you


This is going to hurt

This book has impressed me because it was funny, and sad and comical, but it has impressed/shocked me also with all the medical procedures!

Signature Challenge: A book you recommend to your friends and family


The one and only Ivan

My parents couldn’t read long books in English, so I bought an Italian copy!

Technical Challenge: Books you read without knowing much beforehand; rank them from worst to best

The worst: The case of the green dressed ghost.

The meh: The boy from tomorrow.

The best: Fever.

Showstopper Challenge: A book or series that’s your all-time favourite


In the shadow of Blackbirds

I know, it’s a surprise, I never mention this book! (the sarcasm here is real)

The Finalists: A favourite trilogy


The Stoneheart trilogy

I read a lot of standalone and series with 5 or more books, and Stoneheart is an underrated trilogy.

Extra Slice: A favorite companion book


Arbrook Huxley & the miraculous confection

A short story companion of The Electrical Menagerie. Love it.


And that’s the end of the tag, hope you enjoy it!

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Wrap Up: March 2020

Hello readers, how are you?

I’m writing to you from northern Italy, so we are still in lockdown, but today begin the Magical Readathon, so I’m pretty excited!

In March I managed to read 9 books, and I DNFed only one book. As always, if the book it’s in my first language (Italian), I will write the translated title too.

5 Stars:

It’s insensitive to read a book about a woman who carries a disease during a pandemic? Probably, but I’ve learned so much thanks to Fever, that’s inspired by real events.

Edelweiss sent me this super cute children book, and Little Ghost is definitely the cutest ghost I ever saw.

Thanks to Kindle Unlimited I discovered the Time Hunters series, and it’s incredible, I can’t wait to read the other volumes!

3 stars:

The adventures of Tom Finch, gentleman, is a surprising historical fiction about a blind musician. I’ve loved the ending.

Do you know that I love books with weird/long titles? Keep smiling, your teacup is levitating is the perfect example, a non-fiction book about ghosts, strange scream in the night, etc…

I’ve heard a lot of things about Jackaby, and at first, I enjoyed it, but I prefer books with the same situations, but with more deepness, darker characters.

2 stars:

If you ask me what’s my favourite seaside city in the world, I probably will answer Whitby, UK, so I was pretty excited about Never the bride, set in Whitby with monsters and the bride of Frankenstein who runs a B&B, but it was disappointing.

The confectioner’s guild has a beautiful cover, a lot of YA clichès (love triangle, love at first sight, special snowflake syndrome, I love you but I can’t be with you…) and even if talks about cakes, sweets and food a lot (YEEAAH), I found it fatphobic, and I didn’t like it.

I colori delle stelle (sorry, no translated title) talks about the months Gauguin and Van Gogh has spent together in Arles. I love Van Gogh with all my heart, and I enjoyed the second half of the book, unfortunately, it’s not well written.



Another beautiful cover here, but Eyelet is a whiny, spoiled ungrateful main character. I couldn’t stand her, so Lumière is my DNF of this month.