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The ABC Book Challenge (K)

Hello! How’s everyone doing? It’s been an year since my last post of this challenge!

The challenge is to post some books that I loved and some books that are still on my TBR (please TBR, don’t hurt me), corresponding to each letter of the alphabet.

Personally, I found this challenge on A Book. A Thought. Go and check this great blog!

Please remember that maybe some books will be in Italian. I will write the English title too.

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Memorable books:

Killer fashion is a really (short) but interesting non-fiction books about incidents or deaths caused by items of fashion. Very anxiogenous!

And then we have 4 series of manga: Kekkaishi is a fantasy/historical story so underrated; Kobato is from the well know CLAMP, the story is a sad one, but the artwork are amazing; and then Kiss and Never cry, another sad story based on ice skating. I made, some years ago, the cosplays of both Kobato and Kekkaishi!

Books on my TBR:

Have you read some of these books?

Do you read manga too?

Tell me in the comments below!

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Wrap Up: October 2020

Hello readers, I’m a little late than usual with my wrap up this month, I’m sorry!

I was busy with therapies at the hospital the past few days, plus my city is in lockdown, again.

Anyway, in October I managed to read 13 books, with 2 DNF.

5 stars:

Dracul, the official prequel of the classic Dracula, has totally captivated my heart. I can say that maybe I’ve loved it even more than Dracula, sorry Mr. Bram.

4 stars:

I’ve received The ghostly Tales of Pittsburgh through Edelweiss, and it’s the perfect book with spooky stories and to know more about the history of Pittsburgh.

3 stars:

Gordan of Riss and the malformed sprite is a fantasy with a lot of action and humour.

Real haunted roads and highways gives you a generic knowledge of haunted roads of the world.

The worrier’s guide to life was so funny, because I’ma worrier too!!

The Malvern murders is a historical crime fiction with an interesting main character. Love the cover.

Rest in pieces, is… well, a non-fiction books about corpses.

The midnight bargain was an ARC too, sent to me through Edelweiss, a fantasy with rich and poetical words, very well written.

2 stars:

I love the cover of The Cold is in her bones, and I really liked the first quarter of the book. But then it drags the plot on, and, snakes apart, I can’t really see the connection with the myth of Medusa.

Strange practice was one the biggest delusion of the year: the main character is the only woman in the story and she doesn’t do anything revelant in the story. Also, I was expecting an historican fiction, not a urban fantasy.

Shadowsmith was another great delusion: a mix of different elements from famous books of Neil Gaiman throw together. And the spooky cemetery on the cover is barely there.


I hate the main character of The way I used to be, and I hated even more the clichè of the ugly girl with glasses than became a hot gorgeous girl if she wears contacts. Hate.

The invention of murder was so boring I couldn’t even read more than two chapters.

And that was my reading month, how was yours?

Tell me in the comments below!