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May UmaiCrate Unboxing!

Hello readers! Today I will talk about another one of my passion: food. Like, who doesn’t love food?

I’m (nearly) obsessed with food: as an Italian I can say we have a lot of fantastic foods, recipes and flavours. But I also love to try and experiment food from other countries, like Japan.

In the past years I was a compulsive reader of manga and manhwa, a cosplayer (here’s my DeviantArt page with my cosplays) and I was always watching anime, etc…

One day, an ads pop up on my Instagram feed about Umai Crate, a monthly subscription box about Japanese ramen, noodles and soba. I decided to try it.

This is in the photo is the May Umai Crate Box. I pick this because I would try the Lipton tea special edition with Sakura (the cherry flowers). It’s delicious. (the pink box)


Everything I tried in this box is absolutely delicious: there are spicy ramen if you like to test your resistance; cold udon perfect to eat in the summer heat, and this delicious sweet and perfumed sakura tea.

The green one in the right corner was a wasabi soup that I gifted to my dad: he loves Japanese soup so much!

I’m addicted, so obviously I ordered the June box too, that I will show to you in the next post.

Don’t worry if you can’t read Japanese: the box comes with a pamphlet with all the instructions in English and even suggestion and a special recipe.


Are you like me? Do you enjoy to try food from different countries?

Tell me in the comments below!

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