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Wrap up: May 2021

Hello readers!

We are finally in June, do you like the summer days or you prefer colder months like me? I suffer the heat, and I’m still waiting for the Covid-19 vaccine…

Anyway, in May I’ve read 11 books, with one DNF.

5 stars:

Only this book has gained 5 stars: Unlikely loves is so beautiful I’m still crying only thinking about it. It talks about love between different species of animals. One of my favorite stories is about a male zebra and a female donkey.

4 stars:

A prequel novella to The Lady Diviner series, A pendant for trouble tells us how Elinor well… gets in trouble (nothing serious) and how she turn to live in the country. I missed Miss Zooth here!

A collection of drawings by Dorè, all about London. Beautiful.

I found A ghost in the garden on Kindle Unlimited (Italy) and immediately began to read it (I read everything with ghosts) and I’ve loved it! Ruby and Nessa are hilarious MC, the story is interesting and captivating.

3 stars:

I’ve loved the previous two volumes of this series, but Murder at the mill was a little downhill for me. The murder was gruesome, but predictable, and Captain Redmond wasn’t on the scene for most of the book.

I wasn’t expecting much from Alex Van Helsing, Vampire Rising, but in fact is was really enjoyable and well written!

2 stars:

It pains so much to gave 2 stars to these 2 books: from The Devil apprentice I was expecting something different, more adult fantasy and more horror, but it reminds me a YA or older middle grade, and the plot wasn’t convincing me; the cover of The claws of evil is one of the best I’ve ever seen, but the plot is too similar to the movie “I, Frankenstein”. Like they are the same. And the MC isn’t too bright…

1 star + DNF:

The DNF of the month is The Hangman’s daughter: I was at about 30% of the ebook, and the daughter was in like… two pages? Also, I hate when the summary isn’t correct.

I’ve read Paper magician in italian, so I don’t know if it was also a problem of translation, but oh my, I hated Ceony. And the part inside the heart? So weird.

Dumas is one of my fave classic author, but L’assassinio di Rue Saint-Roch (Murder on Rue Saint-Roch) was just bad, always talking if was a copy of The murders on Rue morgue (Poe) or not. Poe was better Monsieur Dumas, I’m sorry.

How was your reading month? Have you read some beautiful books?

Tell me in the comments!

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Wrap Up: May 2020

Hello readers, sorry for the late post!

How are you? I would have the time to post more during May, unfortunately I had severe illness coming back, and I’m still not feeling really well, so I don’t know how much I will posting during the next month.

Rest assured that I tried to read all your blog posts, even if I didn’t leave a comment so often.

In May I’ve read 10 books plus one DNF.

5 stars:

The time hunters and the box of eternity: the second volume in the Time Hunters saga is even better than the first one! A great group of characters, actions and really evil villains. And have you seen the cover?

The adventures of Sophie Mouse, a new friend: I’m totally in love with this series, the illustrations are beautiful!

4 Stars:


And then you’re dead:well, that was funny! Don’t read it if you’re hypochondriac or really anxious!

3 stars:

Real haunted cemeteries and graveyards: good to know just a little fact here and there, mostly American cemeteries, but without real information or names of the witness.

The heiress of Linn Hagh: it’s not worthy of Agatha Christie, I’m sorry. The mystery is good but not excellent, the characters are not likeable, especially the detective.

2 stars:

The clockwork crow: beautiful cover, poor and predictable plot, the crow is the only character that I liked.

All my friends are dead: I was expecting more. It wasn’t so funny.

1,5 star

Two gothic/supernatural historical fiction that both disappointing me. The seer of shadows is, in fact, a middle grade (and I love middle-grade books) with flat characters and a rush ending. Odd & True is my biggest disappointment of the year so far: Cat Winters is the best to write women in a historical context, but this book is just boring and the sisters are annoying.



The honjin murders


And that was my reading month, how was yours?

Tell me in the comments!