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Wrap Up: June 2021

Hello readers!

We are now fully in summer, long days, a lot of sun, and I don’t have the willpower to read…

Anyway, in June I’ve managed to read 11 books, and I’m still 2 books behind on my Goodreads challenge.

5 stars:

A ghost in the theatre is another great installment in the Ruby and Nessa Ghost hunters series! It’s funny and full of different characters, and also different ghosts!

A me le guardie! is the italian version of Guards!Guards! and I think I’ve never laughed so much and so hard with a fantasy book.

4 stars:

First in a trilogy, Ra the Mighty: cat detective is a great middle grade book about the cat of the Pharaoh and his friend, a scarab. They investigate all around the palace, and it’s great because of the setting, the location, and Ra, a wonderful but sometimes lazy black cat.

3 stars:

Unfortunately, Unlikely friendships gain only 3 stars for me, when Unlikely Loves has gained 5 solid stars. It’s sadder than the other one, and I knew some of the stories.

2 stars:

Molte vite, un solo amore (lots of lives, one love) is a non-fiction book about reincarnation and soulmates. The more I think about it, the more I didn’t like the ideas behind this book.

How to talk in a humourous way about demons and exorcisms? Simple, write When life gives you demons. I really like the title and the cover, but it’s very superficial.

You are invited has the potential to be a great horror/gothic book… but it fails along the way. I was expecting more horror scenes, more ghosts, and then nothing, only human greed and influencer.

1 star/DNF:

La fiera is a horror novella (22 pages), and it’s too short to develop a story.

I thought I will love Frozen Charlotte: creepy dolls, setting at the Isle of Skye in Scotland… In fact, I hated it. The author seems to hate Scottish people, and there’s a lot of violence againt animals and unrequited love. No thanks.

Loveless, childless, clueless and memoryless, I’ll add. I can’t remember a single thing about this book.

I’m the heartless person who DNF a middle grade book like The Unimaginary friend. Yes, I am.

And that’s all!

Happy reading month!

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Wrap Up: June 2020

Hello readers!

I’m a little late with wrap up post, I’m sorry, but I’m still in and out of the hospital, so life is a little complicated right now.

I managed to read 10 books in June!

4,5 Stars:

Stitch Head: a lovely gothic story, with a remarkable main character.

The Titanic detective agency: I’m obsessed with the Titanic, and this is a middle grade about a girl of the second class and a boy in the third class.

4 stars:


Big Mushy Happy lump: why it was so relatable? So funny!

3 stars:

Adulthood is a myth: a little less funny (for me) than the second one.

The medium: a historical m/m romance so cute. Attention to the trigger warnings about the supernatural aspect of the story.

2 stars:

The black country: The Yard, the first one in the series, was so good, but this second book not so much. The characters are flat, the mystery is really strange and unsettling.

The laughing cherub guide to past life regression: sooo bored!

Angelfall: the second book ever that I bought in English, many years ago. (The first one was Fangirl). I liked Raffe, but not Penryn.

Confessions of a funeral director: interesting for the first two chapters, then it became so religious and God centred. It’s also confusional when it talks about the family.

Ace, what asexuality reveals about desire, society and the meaning of sex: I received as an ARC via Edelweiss, but I don’t find it ispirational, only confusional or predictable.


And that’s was my reading month!

How was your reading month? Have you read some good books?




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Wrap Up: June 2019

Hello readers!

Right now in Italy we are literally melting, the last Friday we had 38°C. in my town. Unbelievable.

In June I’ve read 9 books, finally I read a 5 stars book (yeeee) and at the young age of 32, I’ve read Pride and Prejudice (in Italian).

5 Stars:


The wingsnatchers, that’s the title, even if it’s written so small on the cover, it’s an amazing steampunk/fantasy middle grade. I love it!

3 stars:


The lady in the coppergate tower is a steampunk retelling of Dracula/Rapunzel: interesting but a little boring in the middle.

Mom’s perfect boyfriend is a contemporary really cute with a lot of family dynamics.

2 stars:


Old Dark is a fantasy with a chapter narrated by Dragons: interesting but really violent.

Barnabas Tew and the case of the missing scarab is the first volume in the series: it’s a little boring, maybe it’s your cup of tea if you’re interested in Egyptian Mythology.

The nine worlds is the same as the first book, only with the Gods of Asgard.

Karma (2.5/5) is an urban fantasy for adult (there are mature contents) with characters like Karma and Murphy’s law.

1 star:


A fat shaming book with a stupid male main character and some scenes really WTF? The green dressed ghost is a big NO for me.