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Worst books of 2020

Hello readers! I’m back today to show you the worst (for me) books that I read in 2020!

You can find all the best books of 2020 here!

I classified under worst the books I rated 1 star or personally hated for some reason. I will write a different post for all the books I DNFed last year.

These are the worst of 2020: we have problematic books (The confectioner’s guild) and works of authors I’ve loved in the past (Odd & True).

We have horror books (Helltown), and we have also a graphic novel (Kill The Granny).

Hope this year will be better for reading too!

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Worst books I’ve read so far (2020)

Hello readers, how are you?

After the post about The Best books I’ve read so far this year, we need to talk about the boring, confusional, you_were_my_favorite_author_but_now_I’m_not_sure books!

Again, a lot of blue on these covers, it’s casual!

Ready player one was boring if you didn’t understand (like me) all the 80’s references, then we have 2 books of authors I liked (Winters and Grecian), but these works weren’t as good as the previous.

The confectioner’s guild is full of YA clichès, plus is fatphobic. Not good at all.

Mountain of the dead is gynophobic like all the other books by Bates.


And that’s all for my recap of the best and the worst of the first half of the year.

See you soon with the July wrap up!

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Worst books of 2018

Hello everyone! Here’s my post with the worst/most disappointing/DNF books of 2018. I’m really a bad person, so probably there will be a lot of books. Please be aware that I will include the books that I read in Italian and also that’s only my opinion.

If I have to choose the worst of the worst, the book that I hated most in 2018, it will be I, Lucifer. A spark Unseen was really disappointing, because the first book of this series was really good.

The last days of night... so incredibly boring, even with an interesting setting.

Mr confidence was so sexist and so rude that I decided to not accept review copies anymore.


I dodici(The Twelve) was ridiculous, I hated the MC of Vita dopo Vita (Life after Life) and I hated Ci vogliono le palle per essere una donna (How to be a woman).

And that’s the ending, these are all the books that I hated or didn’t like it.

What are the worst books you read in the past year?


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February 2018 Wrap Up

Hello everyone!

How was your reading month? There is snow where you live right now? Here in Turin, Italy, we have 5 cm of snow!

Anyway, my birthday month is passed, here’s the english books that I read:

Few are chosen: best english book of the month. A supernatural m/m romance with humour, I absolutely adored it!

Curiouser and Curiouser: biggest disappointment of the month. I read the first 3 chapters last year, and I really like it. But the complete book wasn’t what I expected. You can find my review if you click on the title.

Chasing Christmas past: a novella with a lovely and strong main character. Enjoyable.

Liberty Awakened: this book is full of clichè, but somehow is good and really readable and interesting. I plan to read the second book in the series.

The bride of the blue wind: has a lovely cover, but is a DNF for me.

For March I’m partecipating in the March Take Control of your TBR challenge, and I’m planning to read The Help (sorry, in italian) and The Chess Queen Enigma, the third book in one of my fave series of all the time!

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January 2018 Wrap up

Hello! How’s everyone? Finally January has ended: between my health problems and other things this month for me was endless!

Here’s the first wrap up of this blog! I will put in here only the english books that I read, not the italian one.

A spark Unseen by Sharon Cameron: the worst book of the month. Only 1 star for me, due to a MC stupid and too much romance.

I hate zombies by Shantnu Tiwari: I DNF this book.

Reunion by John Hartness: good scary tale, but the ending is meh.

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder: the best book of the month! Not a 5 star book only for the ending.

Leather Apron by Sylynt Storme: funny vampire/time traveler short story.

And you? What’s your best book of January?