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My summer book haul

All-focusHello to everyone!

This post is a little different from the others, because it shows my summer book haul.

As the last August, I spent 10 days of vacation in the U.K. so I have buy one book. Or maybe two or…13.

Strange Star by Emma Carroll: love this cover! I’ve never read a book by Emma Carroll but every one of them seems interesting.

Bedlam and Necropolis by Catharine Arnold: I recently finished “Underworld London” and I really liked it. I was always fascinated by the dark history, so when I found this two books at half price, I took them!

Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell: give all the horror books to me!! Want to know what I’m really scared of? Dolls. So it’s a good idea to buy a horror book about dolls. High five to me.

The silent companions by Laura Purcell: love the cover, and the plot seems really my ideal book. I didn’t like Jackson’s book, but Susan Hill has written my favourite ghost story. And I found it for 2£!!

The invisible library by Genevieve Cogman: this book was on my wishlist for years!! Found it near The Silent companions, for 2£. God bless the charity shops!

The ghost hunters by Neil Spring: this was on my wishlist, and it was in a little bookshop of Tenby, Wales, with a promotion 2×1 (buy 2, pay 1) so I took this and…

The Brief And Frightening Reign Of Phil: (Includes The ‘In Persuasion Nation’ Collection) by George Saunders: never heard about this book, but seems strange and funny.

The wild robot by Peter Brown: again, this book was on my wishlist for years. Love the illustrations!

The Wingsnatchers by Sarah Jean Horwitz: I always like a good Steampunk book! Buy it at Blackwell bookshop, Oxford!

My best friend’s exorcism and Horrostor by grady Hendrix: the first was on my wishlist, because everyone seems to love it. I really like the cover like a 80’s VHS. The second was a surprise. I was in a little bookshop in Sidmouth and my dad says: look Diana, a book that seems an Ikea catalogue! And I was: omg, I want it! I didn’t know that they are from the same author!

Circe by Madeline Miller: The song of Achilles is one my fave read of 2018, and I’m not a person who want a specific edition of a book, or a fan of hardback books. But then I saw this beautiful edition of Circe, and I decided that I want it. I’m so happy to have found it!

Oh, and don’t forget the Niffler plush! Love it, so cute!

And this is my August Book Haul!! What do you think?

Have you read one of this books?