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The curious Life and Death of: review

Hello readers, how are you? We are already in the middle of September, and I’m here to talk about a new series about life, death, homicides and blood.

So we can be prepared fo Halloween!!

In this new series on Smithsonian Channel, Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris, medical historian and author of The butchering art, explores with the help of detectives, weapon gurus and much more the mysterious death, and the life, of famous people.

The first episode, on air on September 6th, was dedicated to one of the most famous female killer of America, Lizzie Borden.

You can watch the first episode for free on the Smithsonian Youtube channel.

I’m a little obsessed with Lizzie Borden, thanks to the amazing mini tv series with Christina Ricci, so I devoured this first episode. It’s really well structured, Dr. Fitzharris talks with passion and competence, the experts are valid and I discovered a lot of new things about the murder. Obviously, pay attention because it shows also real photos of the crime scene, so it can be a little gruesome.

So, if you like the subject, go and watch it!

And tell me what you think about it in the comments below!

(Oh my, the new editor is awful -____-)

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Review tv series: Lore, season 1

Hello readers!

This is the perfect time of the year to post this review and to watch this show!


Title: Lore

Author/Producer: Aaron Mahnke, Gale Anne Hurd, Geln Morgan, Ben Silverman, etc…

Date of premiere: October 13, 2017

Total seasons: 2

Found on: Amazon Prime Video

On July 27, 2019, the series was cancelled.

My Rating: 4,5/5


I didn’t know this podcast before found it on Prime Video. I’m always interested in a good documentary, so I watched the first season, and I really liked it.

This series explores a lot of dark subjects, like the German legend of The Wolfman, or haunted toys, toys like dolls. (I’m really scared of dolls)

This must say: it’s absolutely not a series suited for children, teenagers or people easily scared, because each episode narrates a real event with real people. Each episode is a mix of animation (like the trailer you can see above), dramatisation with actors and, when possible, real photos or real videos.

That’s what makes this series really scary.

There are only 6 episodes in the first season, and my favourites are the very first one, about the mistakes of bury people alive, the fourth (spirit seance) and the last. The last one, about the haunted doll named Robert was really well done and super creepy.

Please, be also aware that each episode can talk about other things than the main subject, so there are a lot of trigger warnings like suicide, homicide, blood, death of relatives, corpses, capital execution.

The second season is focused on evil people who had lived in the past, like the Countess Bathory.

I enjoyed this series because I’ve learned a lot from it, and the narrator does a great job to introduce us to the story.

It’s perfect to watch during Halloween season…