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I don’t want to read it anymore: animal abuse.

Hello everyone, this post wasn’t planned, but I’m feeling the need to write it: if you follow me on Goodreads (if not, I love to make new friends!) you can easily see my policy for negative reviews. One of the “rule” is: if I read/watch about violence against animals, or animal abuse, I will automatically rate the book/movie/tv series 1 star or less. And I will write a review, or a post like this, to warning everyone about it.


In fact, there’s a motivation for this post: the past Saturday I commented the first episode of a Tv Series on Twitter that makes fun of violence and death of an animal, and I was teased by the producer and other fans of this series, mocking me because they obviously haven’t killed an animal. I was so angry and sad, and I was forced to delete my tweet.

The death or the suffering of an animal it is not and never will be funny.

So I decided to write this post to encourage writing in reviews, or on the cover of the books, to warning people about this.

Maybe to realize a sticker or a sign like the “cruelty free” on the shampoo flacons.

I know that sometimes trigger warning are considered spoilers, but I’m really exhausted, and I don’t want to read or watch anything with these awful scenes.

Obviously, I am not referring to “animal’s death” when the death is inevitable or “comprehensible” in a certain way, like (highlight to see the spoiler)Edwige’s death in Hp and the deathly hallows.I

Sorry if this is a weird post, and thanks for reading it.