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End of Summer Recap Tag

Hello readers! Here at my home town, Turin, summer is officially ended, right now we have 16° C. It was sudden, but I’m happy that it’s colder than August.

So it’s the perfect time for this tag! I found it on Books and Dachshunds, but the tag was created by You Are What You Read.

For summer, I intend the months of June, July and August.

The Questions

Which book can you not stop thinking about?


Her Majesty’s necromancer is even better than the first volume in the series!


Which book would you rather have not read?

Frankly, a lot of them. The Orion Rezner chronicles is the first that comes to my mind, with a disgusting scene during an exorcism.


What genre did you read the most?

I’ve read a lot of fantasy and middle-grade!

Which book surprised you the most?


The Wingsnatchers, the first volume of the adventures of Carmer and Grit. I was expecting a Steampunk middle-grade, but it was much more. A solid 5 stars read for me.

Which book disappointed you the most?

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes PBK mech.indd

I have a soft spot in my heart for strange/macabre non-fiction books, and, naively, I was expecting that all of them were good as All that remains. I was wrong, and Smoke gets in your eyes was so disappointing that I talk about that to everyone I know.

What was your favorite cover?


Honestly, this cover is everything.

Which books did you plan on reading, but you never got around to?

I was planning on beginning the Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus series this summer, but I get distracted.

Which books do you plan on reading in the fall/autumn?

Usually, I read mainly horror/gothic/spooky during the end of September and October, so The Five seems the perfect book. I need to read also The Carnelian crow because the last book in the series, The Zeppelin Deception, is been recently released!

I tag everyone!!

Feel free to tag me in your post if you are doing this tag, I’m happy to read your answers!