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Books with the lowest rating on my TBR

Hello readers! Today I’m here to show you the books on my TBR with the lowest rating, and to answer an important question: Am I still interested in reading it?

Here are the books:

basso rating

Unusually quiet people: I found it on Amazon for free a couple of years ago. I don’t know, I like the creepy cover, what do you think?

Son Goku: well, that’s a surprise. Son Goku it’s the original (or a part) of the legend of Saiyuki, the journey to the west, and I added it because I’m obsessed with the Kazuya Minekura’s manga series.

Il vangelo dei vampiri (beware the leaven): I decided to say bye bye to this book. It has a really low rating, I’m not interested in vampire stories anymore, and my pet rats have ruined the cover. Oh well, I can survive without this book.

The battle of life: this is Dickens. And I already own a physical copy. It’s just 100 pages long, so I can manage it.

Zombie boy: press start: I received it for free through Instafreebie. It doesn’t sound that bad, plus I need a Z title for my A to Z reading challenge.


What are you thinking of these books?

Have you read some of them? Do you have books on your TBR with a lower rating than these?

Tell me in the comments!




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My most read authors

I saw this post on a couple of different blogs, so I check my goodreads page and here’s my Most Read Authors!

If you click on the name, you can find the Goodreads Author page.

In the past years I read a lot of mangas. And I means a lot. 499 books, to be honest.joey-not-even-sorry

And that’s why the first 7 authors are all mangaka. The first 2 are:

1) Clamp with 56 books.


56 books???!!! I’m surprised too! My favourite series are Kobato and Chobits. The characters in the Clamp books has always beatiful costumes.

2) Kazuya Minekura with 39 books.


Saiyuki, and the spin-off of this series are my fave series of all the time. I discovered mangas and all the world of comics (cosplay and comic conventions, etc…) thanks to this manga. I love with all my heart, but it’s Saiyuki Gaiden that has break my heart in tiny little pieces.

The first author of books in my chart is:

R.L. Stine with 28 books.


I still have at my home my collection of Goosebumps books. At elementary school, I was the only girl who was reading horror and mystery books. I hated the “classic books for girls” like Pollyanna and The secret garden.

Neil Gaiman with 21 books.


Sorry Mr. Gaiman, I tought I read more books written by you, but you are 11th in my GR chart. (But I love your books, you know!)

Coraline and Neverwhere are my favourite books!

Banana Yoshimoto: 10 books.


I’ve read and loved a lot of Yoshimoto’s books, like “Umi no futa” and “Arcobaleno” (sorry, I can’t find the translated title!), but I didn’t like all her books.

What are your most read authors?

Do you read manga too?