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Reading Challenges 2020

Hello readers!

As the new year approaches, I was searching for new reading challenges to do in 2020. These are the chosen, all very simple.

For the Love of Ebooks 2020


The lovely Tina of As Told by Tina has a bunch of great reading challenges, and also a post where you can list all the reading challenges of 2020. I chose For the love of ebooks, a challenge where you can read all the ebooks you want, since now I have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited too. I will participate for the Pro Status, 20-29 ebooks.

Mount TBR 2020

Mount TBR

The Mount TBR challenge is back in 2020! This challenge is to read a certain number of book to reach the top of one famous mountain. Next year I will climb Mount Ararat with 48 books.

The A to Z reading challenge 2020


I love making lists, especially lists of books. So, I’m super happy to participate again to the A to Z reading challenge! The goal is to read a book for every letter of the alphabet.


And that’s all for now, do you participate in reading challenges? Do you like them?

Tell me in the comments!

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2019: My Reading Resolutions

Hello again!

Today I’m here to share with you my reading resolutions for this year. I know I’m late, sorry!

  1. Reading at least 100 books: in the last month, a certain type of anxiety has risen in me. I own a lot of books, most of them are to be read. So this year, I want to read at least 100 books, but I’m planning on reading between 8 and 10 books per month, so I hope to reach 120 by the end of the year.
  2. Reading the older books on my shelf: some of the books that I still need to read are with me from at least 3 years, so before I went to live in my current home. I’m a little ashamed of that.
  3. Finish some series: I have a lot of series I need to finish, like The Gardella chronicles and The Three Musketeers trilogy.
  4. No more genre that I don’t like: in December I finally decided that I don’t want to try to read genre that I didn’t like in the past, like sci-fi. I have tried and I have failed, and now I’m tired.  I will eventually read the older books that I already have, but no more than these.
  5. The 26 books for the A to Z challenge: I’m participating in the A To Z challenge, and I need to read 26 books with specific titles. I’m so excited!
  6. More classic, more non-fiction: in the past years I accumulated a lot of classics I want to read, and last year I think I read…0. Well done, Diana! I discovered that I really like non-fiction books, and I added a lot to my wishlist, so I hope to read it more this year! I began with Bedlam that was bad, but now I’m reading All That Remains and it’s so good!


And these are my resolutions! What do you think? Do you set a goal on Goodreads?