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Magical Readathon TBR

Hello readers! I’m back during these difficult times to share with you my tentative TBR for the Magical Readathon or O.W.L.s of 2020!

It’s my first time doing this readathon, so I’m pretty excited! I chose Culinary sorcerer for my Career, you know, because there’s food!XD

For my career, I need to complete Arithmancy, Charms, Herbology and Potions (Oh no, please, not Snape!!)


Arithmancy: A book outside your favorite genre



Usually, I don’t read dystopian/post-apocalyptic novels.

Charms: a book with a white cover


Goddess of the hunt

This cover is great!!

Herbology: a book that starts with “M”


Mountain of the dead

Another book of the World’s scariest places series!

Potions: a book under 150 pages.


Clockwork Gold

I don’t have a lot of books under 150 pages…


And that’s my TBR! Do you participate this year?

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Demonathon TBR

Hello readers!

Today I want to share with you my tentative TBR for a readathon that will run from February 14th to February 28th called Demonathon!!


You can find all the info on the Twitter page or on Youtube. There is also a wonderful website set up for the readathon that is fantastic!!

The reading tasks are:

Incubus/Succubus: read a steamy romance or a book with a s*x scene.


Ally Rose la quinta vittima

Shetani: read a book that is weird, or outside your confort zone


Ella, the slayer

Wekufe: read a book with secrets or lies


Greenglass house

Eudaimones: read something inspiring!


This is going to hurt

Djinn: read an adventure/action-filled book


The time hunters


And that’s my tentative TBR! Before the readathon begins, you can also choose your demon and write a little story about him/her!

Hope you enjoy my TBR, tell me in the comments if you are participating!

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Reading Challenges 2020

Hello readers!

As the new year approaches, I was searching for new reading challenges to do in 2020. These are the chosen, all very simple.

For the Love of Ebooks 2020


The lovely Tina of As Told by Tina has a bunch of great reading challenges, and also a post where you can list all the reading challenges of 2020. I chose For the love of ebooks, a challenge where you can read all the ebooks you want, since now I have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited too. I will participate for the Pro Status, 20-29 ebooks.

Mount TBR 2020

Mount TBR

The Mount TBR challenge is back in 2020! This challenge is to read a certain number of book to reach the top of one famous mountain. Next year I will climb Mount Ararat with 48 books.

The A to Z reading challenge 2020


I love making lists, especially lists of books. So, I’m super happy to participate again to the A to Z reading challenge! The goal is to read a book for every letter of the alphabet.


And that’s all for now, do you participate in reading challenges? Do you like them?

Tell me in the comments!

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The ABC Book Challenge (J)

Hello! How’s everyone doing?

The challenge is to post some books that I loved and some books that are still on my TBR (please TBR, don’t hurt me), corresponding to each letter of the alphabet.

Personally, I found this challenge on A Book. A Thought. Go and check this great blog!

Please remember that maybe some books will be in Italian. I will write the English title too.

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The ABC Book Challenge (I)

Memorable books:

Junjo Romantica: a super cute yaoi (boy x boy) manga! One of the first I ever read!

Jack lo Squartatore (Jack the Ripper): well, you can see that I gave a little obession about Jack The Ripper. This one is written by the author of Psycho, and it’s very good.

James e la pesca gigante (James and the giant peach): it’s still one of my favorite book of all the time. And the movie? Wonderful! Have you seen it?

Books on my TBR:

I’m so intimidated by the lenght of Jonathan Strange! >__<


And that’s all, have you read some of these books?

Tell me in the comments down below!

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The AtoZ 2019 challenge: completed!

Hello readers!

i finally finished the A to Z reading challenge 2019 organized by Ginger Mom and company!

So let’s take a look of what I’ve read for this challenge, please be aware that some titles may be in Italian, but I wrote the original/translated title too. You can read the synopsys or the review by clicking on the title.

I hope to not offend anyone with this post: it’s just a reminder of what I’ve read and a suggestion for who wants to participate in this challenge, I’m not the kind of person who wants to show and be better than others.


A) All that remains, by Sue Black


B) Bedlam, London and its mad, by Catharine Arnold


C) A curious beginning, by Deanna Raybourn


D) Dolly, by Susan Hill


E) The elsewhere emporium, by Ross MacKenzie


F) Fairy eyeglasses, by Emily Martha Sorensen


G) The Gauntlet, by Karuna Riazi


H) Hunting Prince Dracula, by Kerri Maniscalco


I) Ink and Bone, by Rachel Caine


J) Just one damned thing after another, by Jodi Taylor


K) Karma, by Donna Augustine


L) Lettere a Theo (Letters to Theo) by Vincent Van Gogh


M) La moglie del califfo (The wrath & the dawn) by Renèe Ahdieh


N) The nowhere emporium, by Ross MacKenzie


O) Old Dark, by Michael La Ronn


P) Il profumo (Perfume) by Patrick Suskind


Q) Qualcosa di molto speciale ( A little something different) by Sandy hall


R) The raven’s tale, by Cat Winters


S) Il sogno d’argento (The silver dream) by Mallory Reaves


T) Thornghost, by Tone Almjhell


U) UnEnchated by Chanda Hahn


V) Vengeance road by Erin Bowman


W) When Dimple met Rishi, by Sandhya Menon



Y) The Yard, by Alex Grecian


Z) Zombie boy, press start by Val O. Morris


I didn’t found a book with the letter X, have you some suggestions?

Have you read some of this book?

Tell me in the comments down below!

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Reading challenges check in

Hello readers! Today I will verify with you my progress with the reading challenges I’m participating this year:

Goodreads challenge:



I’m currently 7 books ahead of schedule, yeaah! I think I will upgrade my goal to 120 books this year.

If someone wants to be friend with me on Goodreads, here is my profile.


The A to Z reading challenge is doing well, I completed 20 letters! I promise I will update my page with the challenges with all my reviews so far.


I completed 18 and reviewed 18 books for The Backlist reader challenge. I hope to reach 30 books for the end of the year.

Mount TBR

My goal for the Mount TBR is Mt. Vancouver, with 36 books, and I’m nearly there because I’ve read 29 books for this challenge. I will try to upgrade my climbing to Mt. Ararat (48 books). I really need to read all the old books on my TBR!

And there are all the challenges I’m participating this year. Do you like reading challenges? Are you participating in any of these?

Tell me in the comments!