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Wrap Up: February 2021

Hello readers! My birthday (27th Feb.) has passed, and I’m an year older. I’m finally on track with my Goodreads challenge, but I had to leave another year long reading challenge because no one was listening to the participants, and I can’t stand that. If a lot of people is telling you there’s a problem, you can’t just dismiss them like they are stupid. It’s offensive.

In February I’ve read a total of 11 books!

5 stars:

It’s officially: I want to live in Nocturnia with Amelia and all her friends! But I also want to time travel with Becky, Joe and Uncle Percy like in The Time hunters and the spear of fate and live an incredible adventure in ancient Egypt!

And what can I say about Murder at the abbey? It’s even better than the first volume of the series!

4 stars:

I’ve finally managed to read V for Vendetta! I love the movie, and the graphic novel is really good, but not suitable for younger readers.

2 stars:

As you can see, a lot of books are only 2 stars for me this month: Beware the Bell Witch wasn’t good as the one about Robert the Doll written by the same author; These deathless bones has an amazing cover, but the story is so dark and twisted; Firefly Hollow had the potential to be a great MG, but the names of the characters are confusing; another hyped books I didn’t like is And I Darken (great plot, can’t stand the MC); Hell blade/Jack the Ripper 1 is the first volume of a manhwa, it doesn’t explain much and is super splatter; and last there is Kitty Hawk and the curse of the Yukon Gold, where I was expecting an historical setting, I found myself bored by the MC.

1 star:

There’s a reason if The Atrocities has only 3.19 of total rating on Goodreads. Because it’s bad.

Hope next month will be better!

Have you read some amazing books during February? Tell me in the comments!

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Wrap Up: February 2020

Hello readers! How are you?

We have finally the rain back, after 70 days without a single drop from the sky, sigh.

In February, thanks to the Demonathon too, I manage to read 11 books!

5 stars:

This is going to hurt is a solid 5 stars for me! I laughed, I cried and I learned a lot of medical things that scared the hell out of me.

Ella, The slayer surprised me! It’s a retelling of Cinderella set in 1918, with Ella who slays “zombies” with a katana. Weird but interesting and funny, I’ve loved the relationship between all the characters!

3 stars:

Midday Moon 1: thanks Kindly Unlimited for all this yaoi manga! This has a lovely (and angst) story, and look at the cover!!

L’origine delle specie (On the origin of the species) well… I’m happy to have read another classic, but honestly, it was too long.

Guns of liberty is the first ARC I received through BookSirens. I fell in love with the cover, but was boring in fact.

Don’t go there: I didn’t know the Dyatlov Pass Mystery until I discover the series by Jeremy Bates. I began with this book because it’s non-fiction written by a Russian author. It’s interesting, but in needs of a good editor.

Greenglass House is a middle-grade mystery, set in a beautiful house full of secrets, it caught my attention but then was predictable.

2 stars:

Replay: An ARC of a yaoi manga I received thanks to Edelweiss, it was cute, but with a serious problem of format.

Paved with good intentions: it’s so similar to Good Omens, in particular to Aziraphale and Crowley, but without all the English humour and with chapters more suitable to a tv show.

Ready player one: well, surprise, I didn’t like a superhyped book! I didn’t understand most of the references, but I admit that the world was interesting.

1 star:


Ally Rose la quinta vittima (sorry, they didn’t translate it!) it’s an urban fantasy full of s*x scenes, love triangle, love/hate relationship and, unfortunately, with a lot of typos.

And that was my reading month!

How was yours? Have you read some good book?

Tell me in the comments!






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Wrap up: February 2019

Hello readers, how was your reading month?

Mine was a little disappointing, I DNF one book and I had the worst delusion ever from an author I usually like so much: “SecondHand souls” was so bland I almost cried.

In February I read a total of 9 books, 3 in Italian.

5 beautiful and shiny stars:


I love this cover so much. And the story is just…magic.

4 stars:


Beautiful cover, haunting story, disappointing ending.

3 stars:


A historical/romance with a predictable plot.

2,5 stars:


Funny male character, but OMG, I hated Veronica.

1 lonely star:


This book is so bad.



Sorry, but it seems that Urban Fantasy it’s not my cup of tea.


Have you read one of these books? What’s your favourite cover? I think mine is The Nowhere Emporium!