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All the DNF books of 2020

Hello reader! I’m here in a short pause between work and hospital to show you all the books I had to abandon (Did not finish) in 2020.

Here you can find all the best books of 2020, and here the worst books of the last year!

There are only 7 books, how curious, I was convinced there were more…

Anyway, I will try to read again See What I have Done, since the plot is very interesting. It’s the writing style I didn’t like.

And you? Have you finished all the books you began in 2020?

See you next week with the best covers of 2020!!

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Wrap up: February 2019

Hello readers, how was your reading month?

Mine was a little disappointing, I DNF one book and I had the worst delusion ever from an author I usually like so much: “SecondHand souls” was so bland I almost cried.

In February I read a total of 9 books, 3 in Italian.

5 beautiful and shiny stars:


I love this cover so much. And the story is just…magic.

4 stars:


Beautiful cover, haunting story, disappointing ending.

3 stars:


A historical/romance with a predictable plot.

2,5 stars:


Funny male character, but OMG, I hated Veronica.

1 lonely star:


This book is so bad.



Sorry, but it seems that Urban Fantasy it’s not my cup of tea.


Have you read one of these books? What’s your favourite cover? I think mine is The Nowhere Emporium!

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Wrap Up: January 2019

Hello! And January is gone!

How was your reading month? I read a total of 9 books, 1 in Italian and 1 DNF. From this month I decided to change a little this meme, so I divide the books for their rating.

Almost 5 stars:


All that remains by Sue Black is definitely the best book of January, but it doesn’t win a 5 stars rating. You can read why in my review, I will post it in a couple of days, I promise.

4 Stars:


Norse mythology by Neil Gaiman: I listened to the audiobook version, and it’s wonderful.

3 Stars:

If I’m honest, I liked more Fairy Eyeglasses than Hunting Prince Dracula. It was my last attempt with the series by Kerri Maniscalco, I don’t want to read the next one.

2 stars:

Hello, it’s me, always disliking the superhyped books. Vengeance Road was a little meh for me, but I love the cover. Dolly was just really boring and disappointing, and I decided to give up with all the Susan Hill’s books.

1 star:


You’ve already read my review of Bedlam, right? So disappointing.



My first DNF of the year: as I write in my review, I can’t stand it anymore. And I started thinking that retellings aren’t a genre for me.

And that’s all! I wish a happy reading month to all of you!


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Worst books of 2018

Hello everyone! Here’s my post with the worst/most disappointing/DNF books of 2018. I’m really a bad person, so probably there will be a lot of books. Please be aware that I will include the books that I read in Italian and also that’s only my opinion.

If I have to choose the worst of the worst, the book that I hated most in 2018, it will be I, Lucifer. A spark Unseen was really disappointing, because the first book of this series was really good.

The last days of night... so incredibly boring, even with an interesting setting.

Mr confidence was so sexist and so rude that I decided to not accept review copies anymore.


I dodici(The Twelve) was ridiculous, I hated the MC of Vita dopo Vita (Life after Life) and I hated Ci vogliono le palle per essere una donna (How to be a woman).

And that’s the ending, these are all the books that I hated or didn’t like it.

What are the worst books you read in the past year?


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August 2018 Wrap Up

Sorry, I’m late, but I’m currently moving into my new office.

Wow, this month I read a total of 9 books, but I DNF 2 of them.

The Hare’s Not-So-Spiky Hedgehog by Lee Hayton: a strange retelling of the turtle and the hare. The cover is original. 2 stars.

Ghost writer by Nick Wisseman: I received this horror novella for free, but it’s not good. It’s a little scary, but without explanation and a proper ending. 1 star

I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan: the first DNF of the month. One of the worst book I ever read. At page 6 was horrible enough to make me regret the decision to read it.

The care and feeding of a pet black hole by Michelle Cuevas: Lovely little middle grade with an original title and a metaphor of life. 3 stars.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Seek by Anthony O’Neill: a “sequel” of The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but with more action, more mystery and with a lovely cover. The ending was disappointing. 3 stars.

The benefits of being an octopus by Ann Braden: I received it from Netgalley, this contemporary is sad and well written. And I love octopus. 3,5 stars.

The song of Achilles by Madeline Miller: I fell in love with the cover of Circe, but I never read a book of Miller, so I try with this. I was reluctant first, because I know that this would be a sad story. And it was, but was also heartbreaking and wonderful and this book is perfection. A million stars.

How was your reading month?