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Reading challenges check in

Hello readers! Today I will verify with you my progress with the reading challenges I’m participating this year:

Goodreads challenge:



I’m currently 7 books ahead of schedule, yeaah! I think I will upgrade my goal to 120 books this year.

If someone wants to be friend with me on Goodreads, here is my profile.


The A to Z reading challenge is doing well, I completed 20 letters! I promise I will update my page with the challenges with all my reviews so far.


I completed 18 and reviewed 18 books for The Backlist reader challenge. I hope to reach 30 books for the end of the year.

Mount TBR

My goal for the Mount TBR is Mt. Vancouver, with 36 books, and I’m nearly there because I’ve read 29 books for this challenge. I will try to upgrade my climbing to Mt. Ararat (48 books). I really need to read all the old books on my TBR!

And there are all the challenges I’m participating this year. Do you like reading challenges? Are you participating in any of these?

Tell me in the comments!


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Books with the lowest rating on my TBR

Hello readers! Today I’m here to show you the books on my TBR with the lowest rating, and to answer an important question: Am I still interested in reading it?

Here are the books:

basso rating

Unusually quiet people: I found it on Amazon for free a couple of years ago. I don’t know, I like the creepy cover, what do you think?

Son Goku: well, that’s a surprise. Son Goku it’s the original (or a part) of the legend of Saiyuki, the journey to the west, and I added it because I’m obsessed with the Kazuya Minekura’s manga series.

Il vangelo dei vampiri (beware the leaven): I decided to say bye bye to this book. It has a really low rating, I’m not interested in vampire stories anymore, and my pet rats have ruined the cover. Oh well, I can survive without this book.

The battle of life: this is Dickens. And I already own a physical copy. It’s just 100 pages long, so I can manage it.

Zombie boy: press start: I received it for free through Instafreebie. It doesn’t sound that bad, plus I need a Z title for my A to Z reading challenge.


What are you thinking of these books?

Have you read some of them? Do you have books on your TBR with a lower rating than these?

Tell me in the comments!




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I don’t want to read it anymore: animal abuse.

Hello everyone, this post wasn’t planned, but I’m feeling the need to write it: if you follow me on Goodreads (if not, I love to make new friends!) you can easily see my policy for negative reviews. One of the “rule” is: if I read/watch about violence against animals, or animal abuse, I will automatically rate the book/movie/tv series 1 star or less. And I will write a review, or a post like this, to warning everyone about it.


In fact, there’s a motivation for this post: the past Saturday I commented the first episode of a Tv Series on Twitter that makes fun of violence and death of an animal, and I was teased by the producer and other fans of this series, mocking me because they obviously haven’t killed an animal. I was so angry and sad, and I was forced to delete my tweet.

The death or the suffering of an animal it is not and never will be funny.

So I decided to write this post to encourage writing in reviews, or on the cover of the books, to warning people about this.

Maybe to realize a sticker or a sign like the “cruelty free” on the shampoo flacons.

I know that sometimes trigger warning are considered spoilers, but I’m really exhausted, and I don’t want to read or watch anything with these awful scenes.

Obviously, I am not referring to “animal’s death” when the death is inevitable or “comprehensible” in a certain way, like (highlight to see the spoiler)Edwige’s death in Hp and the deathly hallows.I

Sorry if this is a weird post, and thanks for reading it.