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May 2018 Wrap Up

Hello! Another month as come and go, how was your reading month?

Except for A head Full of Ghost, the other books are all novellas/short books. That’s because in May I read (in italian) two books with more than 500 pages: Gone girl and Jessica’s guide to dates the dark side.

What lies below by Andrenik Sergoyan:  a horror short story with a macabre cover. I appreciate it. 3 stars for me.

Mother’s Misfortune by Cordelia Castel: a novella of the Perrault Chronicles. I didn’t read this series, but I appreciate the writing style. And I love the colours of the cover. 3 stars.

Dragonship by J.P. Ashman: a fantasy short story, with interesting characters and a beatiful cover. And Dragons!

A Head full of ghost, by Paul Tremblay: oh my, this book was a delusion! Sorry, the review is only in italian for now, I’m working to translate it! 2 stars for me.

A matter of scale by Jonathon Burgess: a fantasy short book, with a cover that reminds me of Odin Sphere (the videogame) also with dragons. Everyone loves dragons. 2 stars for me.

What was your best book of the month?

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April 2018 Wrap Up

Hello and welcome to the April wrap up!

Such a great month for reading! I read a total of 10 books, with a single DNF, but three of these books are 5 star rating! It’s a miracle for meXD

Mr Confidence by Rahiem Brooks: sadly a one star rating for me. I feel sorry because I received it from the publisher.

Full circle by Regina Timothy: a great book about women. I gave it 4 star!

Truthstone by Mike Shelton: I received this book for a blog tour, and it was awesome! 5 star!

Child of Nod by C.W. Snyder: DNF for the second time. I’ve tried to read and understand it, but I fail. But the cover is gorgeous, right?

The twistrose key, by Tone Almhjell: omg, the world and the characters in this book! I can’t even express how much I loved it! Review coming soon!

The ugly princess by Henderson Smith: ok, probably I’ve found my new fave book of all time. The ugly princess is pure perfection. A million stars!

Liberty divided, by Alicia Dean: sequel of Liberty awakened, I found it frustrating, and I decided to not continue the series. The first was full of clichè, but somehow interesting.

How was your reading month? What’s your fave cover from these?



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March 2018 Wrap up

Hello everyone! How was your reading month?

I read a total of 10 books in March, but I DNF an italian one. ç__ç

How beautiful are the covers of this month? What’s your favourite?

I love the colours of How to be happy, but my steampunk heart is all for Nefertiti’s Heart.

If you want to read my review, click on the title of the book.

The last days of night by Graham Moore: my biggest disappointment of the month. So boring.

How to be happy by Eva Woods: a book about life and death, about happiness and sadness. I really like it!

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson: well, I like it but not as much as everyone do. Sorry, I know I’m a weird. But I’m happy to have read it, finally!

Art in the blood by Bonnie MacBird: I love Sherlock Holmes, but I can’t stand boring books, I’m sorry. And this book was sooo boring! But look, a Sherlock GIF in my review!

The chess queen enigma by Colleen Gleason: this is the third book in the Stoker and Holmes series, one of my fave! I love Steampunk so much, and Colleen Gleason has created a beautiful world. Review to come.

Nefertiti’s Heart by A.W. Exley: as I said before, I love steampunk, but I really hate male MC in Christian Grey Style and not required romance/s*x scenes.

There’s a book that catch your attention?


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February 2018 Wrap Up

Hello everyone!

How was your reading month? There is snow where you live right now? Here in Turin, Italy, we have 5 cm of snow!

Anyway, my birthday month is passed, here’s the english books that I read:

Few are chosen: best english book of the month. A supernatural m/m romance with humour, I absolutely adored it!

Curiouser and Curiouser: biggest disappointment of the month. I read the first 3 chapters last year, and I really like it. But the complete book wasn’t what I expected. You can find my review if you click on the title.

Chasing Christmas past: a novella with a lovely and strong main character. Enjoyable.

Liberty Awakened: this book is full of clichè, but somehow is good and really readable and interesting. I plan to read the second book in the series.

The bride of the blue wind: has a lovely cover, but is a DNF for me.

For March I’m partecipating in the March Take Control of your TBR challenge, and I’m planning to read The Help (sorry, in italian) and The Chess Queen Enigma, the third book in one of my fave series of all the time!

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January 2018 Wrap up

Hello! How’s everyone? Finally January has ended: between my health problems and other things this month for me was endless!

Here’s the first wrap up of this blog! I will put in here only the english books that I read, not the italian one.

A spark Unseen by Sharon Cameron: the worst book of the month. Only 1 star for me, due to a MC stupid and too much romance.

I hate zombies by Shantnu Tiwari: I DNF this book.

Reunion by John Hartness: good scary tale, but the ending is meh.

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder: the best book of the month! Not a 5 star book only for the ending.

Leather Apron by Sylynt Storme: funny vampire/time traveler short story.

And you? What’s your best book of January?