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Wrap Up: April 2022

Hello readers!

In April I’ve read 11 books with 1 DNF, and I managed, thanks to a readathon, to read some of the older (means I bought them years ago) books on my shelves.

5 stars:

It is always a great pleasure to come back to The ministry of curiosities, and that’s why I savor every volume. Beyond the grave wasn’t an exception. Next, we can find a great surprise, the first book an author sends to me through Instagram, you can find the review of Swallowed by a secret here.

Il tempo delle rose (Time to smell the roses) is the last volume in the Hermux Tantamoq series. I can’t express how much I love this mouse and his adventures.

The storyteller by Dave Grohl is a work of art, especially if, like me, you’ll listen to the audiobook version narrated by Grohl himself. There’s music too.

2 stars:

I can’t hide the disappointment after reading Mortal arts, it was so different from the previous The anatomist’s wife. The girl of fire and thorns is a typical YA, nothing more, and Son Goku is the original story and legend of Son Goku who inspired manga like Saiyuki or Dragonball. I no longer appreciate books like Death, the devil and the goldfish, but I gave it a try since was on my TBR for years.

1 star + DNF:

So similar to Wintersong, insta love, an illness of the Trolls that is exactly like mine, I save only the cover of Stolen Songbird. I’ve waited years to read Delia’s shadow, and didn’t like at all. The female characters are useless, the plot is boring, by again, great cover. The rib from which I remake the world is the DNF of the month, didn’t like, didn’t comprehend it, didn’t get involved by the characters.

How was your reading month?

Tell me in the comments!

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Wrap Up: April 2021

Hello readers! I was trying to be more active on the blog… and I’ve failed. I’m sorry!

Anyway, in April I’ve read a total of 12 books with 1 DNF.

5 stars:

Only one book earns 5 stars this month: Empire of ruins is the third volume in the Hunchback Assignments series, and I’ve loved so much! Action, adventure, Egyptian ruins in Australia…

4 stars:

The last volume in the Art & Design dedicated to The Hobbit movies has plenty of awesome arts and details.

The audiobook version of The sleeper and the spindle was so good!

Modo: Ember’s end is a graphic novel featuring Modo and Octavia from The hunchback assignments series. It was fantastic!

3 stars:

Trapped in room 217 was another great volume in the Haunted States of America series. The setting is the notorious room 217 of The Stanley Hotel, Colorado. If you are a Stephen King fan, you know that hotel.

Island of doom, the last volume in The hunchback assignments series was a bit disappointing. I’ve read immediately after Empire of Ruins, but is seems like the author was in a rush to finish it. Too much drama between the characters too.

2 stars:

I’ve loved Bring me their hearts, the first volume of this series by Sara Wolf. So what happened here with Find me their bones? Why Zera, our Heartless MC has become a whiny girl with a love story “Twilight”style? Why the plot was so boring? I don’t know, but I don’t want to finish this series. Oh, and I really dislike the new covers!

Highgate is such an interesting and beautiful cemetery, and I was eager to read something set in this location, but Highgate by Struthers was a sad sad book with little to zero paranormal elements and a lot of violence against women.

The thorn queen is a strange book: beautiful cover, great prose, interesting plot… but with a confusing description of the characters and too many fantasy elements in a middle grade/YA book.

1 star/DNF:

The big bow mystery is the first locked-room mystery, as you can see on the cover, and it’s the last one (of this series) for me. Incredibly boring.

The bear who wouldn’t leave is a horror story with a possessed Teddy Bear. Too short to fully develop a plot.

And the DNF of the month is The Mangle Street murders! I can’t stand shitty male main characters and male authors who aren’t capable of writing female characters.

And that was my reading month! Hope yours was better than mine!

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Wrap Up: April 2020

Hello readers, we are back again with a recap of my reading this month.

How are you doing with the lockdown?

In April I participated in the Magical Readathon (O.W.L.s) so I managed to read 11 books!

Unfortunately, 4 of these are 1-star books.

5 stars:


The Hunchback assignments is a great historical fiction/steampunk with a really unusual main character. Modo is a hunchback rescued by a freak show who is also a shapeshifter. He became a spy, and this story is full of action.

3 stars:

The Romanovs: the final chapter is about the final days, the murder and the research of the bodies of the Romanov family. Is really gruesome at the beginning, but it became boring with the discussions about DNA and the investigations.

The transatlantic conspiracy has an amazing idea (a train who runs underwater between Europe and America!!), a beautiful cover and a really good description. The mystery is a little bland.

Goddess of the hunt is a collection of poetry, I enjoyed it because it’s about asexuality, even if poetry isn’t my cup of tea.

Clockwork gold is a short story set in Australia with a little bit of steampunk, but it’s a love story, in the end.

2 stars:

Il quarto fato (sorry, it’s only in Italian!) is a retelling inspired by One thousand and one nights, written really well, but I can’t stand the main character.

Unfortunately, I’ve read Greenglass house only months ago, and my rating is influenced by this. The last chance hotel is basically the same story, but less captivating.

1 star:

Mountain of the dead: fourth book (for me) of this series, it became more misogynist every book I read. But I made a promise to finish it, and there’s one last book.

Convenience store woman was interesting in the beginning, but I can’t stand the MC or her lifestyle during the story.

I had great expectations for Incarnation, a sort of retelling of Dracula where Lucy tries to find who transform her in a vampire, but as always, the author treats Bram Stoker very badly, and I can’t accept this.

Readers, I present you the most boring, the worse advertised, the most helpful if you suffer by insomnia book of all the time: Bellman & Black.

And that’s all for this month!

Have you read some good books in April?

Tell me in the comments!