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Worst Books of 2021

Hello readers! A bad case of acid reflux has caught me today, thanks to the pills I need to take to control my chronic illness… it’s not funny.

Anyway, a couple of days ago I posted the best books I’ve read in 2021, so here are the worst books. Be prepare.

A lot of horror books in here, because, like horror movies, I’m attracted by them but usually disappointed. Sorry.

4 thoughts on “Worst Books of 2021”

  1. I find im the same way with horror books! Ive been trying to explore the genre more, but the couple I picked up ended up not being good at all 🙃 Ive noted a few that I saw being rec’ed around but I haven’t tried anything else yet.. focusing on the ones available from the library so if they’re dissapoints well- 😅

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  2. I once had the desire to pick up Artemis and now I am glad I didn’t do it 🙂 I agree about horror movies too, so difficult to produce quality and apart from a few classics and until Ari Aster came around horror usually meant a sequel, a comedy or a downright bad film.

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