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My Summer and Autumn TBR wrap up

Hello readers! Today I want to show you the TBR I made for summer and autumn (and I forgot to make one for winter) and see if I managed to read it all or not. Spoilers: obviously not.

Summer TBR:

Daughter of smoke and bone: read it, 2 stars for me.

Shadow on the lens: read it, beautiful cover, weak plot, only 1 star.

Notre Dame de Paris: still TBR

La verità sul caso Harry Quebert (The truth about Harry Quebert’s affair): read it in August! 2 stars.

Amelia Fang and the Half Moon Holiday: read it between summer and autumn, 5 stars!

Autumn TBR:

Giro di Vite (The turn of the screw): not read it yet.

Sensational: read it, not good as the first one, 2 stars.

The five: regrettably still on TBR.

Yesternight: read it, love the cover, but sadly it ended so bad. 1 star.

Shutter: it was perfect for Halloween, but I didn’t have time to read it!

In the end, I’ve read 6 books on ten, not bad but it could be better!

All the photos are from my Instagram account that you can find here or in the right column.

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