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Wrap Up: November 2021

Hello readers! Sorry I’m late, I was really busy at work in the past days!

In November I read a total of 11 books, with 2 DNF. No five stars for me this month.

4 stars:

I’ve received an ARC of Marlon finds a way through Booksirens. It’s a lovely book about a cat who wants to befriend a bird, perfect to read to children!

Obviously, I love food, I love cooking, but I will never be able to do all the recipes in Mary Berry’s Christmas collection.

3 stars:

Can we agree that the cover of Three sisters in black is one of the most terrifying ever seen? An interesting book about a strange tragedy that happened a hundred years ago.

River of lies has a beautiful setting, a great diverse cast of characters, but unfortunately, I didn’t understand a lot of what happened, since it’s a novella strictly connected to the main volume. My fault, of course.

2 stars:

I’ve loved Spectacle, the first book in the duology, but Sensational isn’t good as the first one. The plot is slow, the characters aren’t connected as before, seems like the author was forced to write a second book.

I loved the premises of Yesternight, involving reincarnation and past lives, but the execution was poor and the ending was terrible, one of the worst endings I ever read.

As always, I’m here to give a famous and hyped book a poor rating. Home before dark was interesting in the parts written by the father of the MC, but the plot was so similar to The Haunting of Hill House (tv show).

1 star/DNF:

Half bad was the first I’ve DNF in November, together with Mrs. Perivale and the blue fire crystal. The first was written like Twitter, I couldn’t stand it; the second was interesting because the MC is an elderly lady (she’s dressed like Queen Elizabeth on the cover?) but it lost me after a couple of chapters.

Artemis (same title as original) was the second book by Andy Weir: I’ve loved so much The martian, it broke my heart to give this book only 1 star, but it was boring, unrealistic and Weir can’t write about a female MC.

I’ve received The Poe Predictament through Booksirens, but it wasn’t good. It involves a time travel to meet young Edgar Allan Poe and how he wrote all his horror stories, but it’s just weird and not historically accurate.

And that was my reading month, hope that December will bring me better books!

How was your month? Tell me in the comments!

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