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Wrap Up: August 2021

Hello readers! This time I’m not late to write my wrap up!

In August I managed to read 11 books with 1 DNF.

5 and 4 stars:

I haven’t great expectations about Spectacle, due to the others reviews on Goodreads. Well, it turns out I’ve loved it! Can’t wait to read the second installment.

Maybe you don’t know, but I have 2 autoimmune disease, and The immune System recovery plan was very interesting!

3 stars:

Murder in the caravan is the fourth installment in the Redmond and Haze mystery series. It was not as excellent as the others.

A lovely illustrated book about the Tooth Fairy, because You think it’s easy being the Tooth Fairy? Well, not so much.

2 stars:

I really liked the fantasy part of Daughter of smoke and bone, but not the romance.

Il figlio del vampiro (eighth grade bites) was probably more agreeable for younger reader!

I’m preparing for Halloween, and One Eyed doll was on Scribd! Dolls are so creepy…

I’ve finally read all the 779 pages of La verità sul caso Harry Quebert (The truth about Harry Quebert affair) and I still think that Marcus is an idiot. Also, the author seems to dislike women.

1 star + DNF:

I had to DNF A knife in the fog due to the lack of action. I was bored but I’ll try again in the future.

The perfectly fine house has a great concept: in a different reality where all the houses have at least a ghost, what happened to a not infested home? Unfortunately, the plot doesn’t follow this idea.

I think I’m not the type to enjoy contemporary books like Insifignicant events in the life of a cactus, but I really like the title.

And that’s all!!

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