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Wrap Up: July 2021

Hello readers! I know I’m late, I’m so sorry. I thought I had time to write at the end of July, and then time flies and I was in vacation.

Anyway, in July I managed to read 12 books!

5 stars:

A nature journal full of magnificent illustrations, Secrets of a Devon Wood is a beauty, perfect to gift to someone who loves nature!

The time hunters and the the sword of ages is the fourth book in the series, I can only say my heart is broken after finished it.

4 stars:

Araminta Spookie and the her haunted house is so cute and with a lovely ending! Perfect to read in October, that’s why I’m reading it in July, I’m preparing for Halloween.

The Moria pearls is the second book in the Lady Diviner series. A delightful series with two lovely and brave ladies as MC.

I’ll never have the time to bake all the marvellous cakes and cookies in the book, so I dream about desserts with Baking with Mary Berry.

3 stars:

I’ve listened to the audiobook version of Rebecca, very well done, maybe now I’ll watch the movie on Netflix.

Ghoulia has really cool illustrations, but the plot was a little weak, maybe it’s for younger readers.

The time hunters and the lost city is the fifth installment of the series, there are a lot of dramas and revelations, and I didn’t like the dark way the plot has turn.

1 star + DNF:

The immortal Prudence Blackwood has an interesting premise, but it’s strange and it has failed to keep my attention.

A wonderful cover isn’t enough if the book seems to be written by a robot, totally empty of emotions, that’s why I DNFed The Queen’s poisoner.

The lost property office is the perfect example of a male author who isn’t good at writing female characters.

Shatter me was on my shelf since… 2017 I think. I didn’t like it, dystopian and romance are not my fave genres.

And that’s all!

Have you read some great books during July?

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