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Worst Books of 2019

Hello readers, how are you?

After the good (Best books of 2019) and the beautiful (Best covers of 2019), it’s now time to see the worst books I’ve read in 2019.

Please don’t be offended if one of your fave books is on this post, this is my personal opinion, I will not cause you to stress or offend you.

I will make another separate post for the book I DNFed last year.

These are the books that I disliked so much last, or even that I hated.

We have Smoke gets in your eyes, disrespectful and that has left me questioning about the hygiene rules in the US.

The destroyer was ridiculous, Island of the dolls was the copy of Suicide forest, Circe was so boring I had to force myself reading it.

The case of the green dressed ghost is fatphobic, so keep this in mind if you want to read it; The land of yesterday has a beautiful cover but it was just so weird.

And the last one, Just one damned thing after another… characters that act stupid, unnecessary s*x scenes but again, an appealing cover. I was so disappointed.

And that’s all, fortunately there were more good books last year than bad books!

Do you have read some bad or boring books last year? Tell me in the comments!

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