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Wrap up: December 2019

Hello readers and Happy New Year!

How was your reading month?

I managed to read 11 books on December, without DNF! It’s a miracle, I know.

What was the last book you’ve read in 2019? Mine was a non-fiction book about murders, so typically me.

As usual, I will include the books that I’ve read in Italian, with the title translated, if possible.

5 Stars:


3 books with 5 stars? How this is even possible? The magic of Christmas, I suppose.

The electrical menagerie is so beautiful! I can’t even describe how much I’ve loved it. Go and read it, it’s so underrated!

Arbrook Huxley and the miraculous confection: we are lucky, because the author of The Electrical Menagerie has written a couple of short stories!

The cure for dreaming is another great historical/gothic book written by Cat Winters. For me, she’s the queen of these books genres.

4 stars:

Another short story from the universe of The celestial isles! A celestial quartet shows us a little more about the characters of The electrical menagerie, and it’s free on the author’s site!

The audiobook version of Mary Poppins is a lovely company during the Christmas holidays! I really enjoy it.

3 stars:

Ah, always the special snowflake syndrome! Something that never change, right? Snow like ashes has a beautiful cover, but it was pretty flat for me.

The bank holiday murders is my last book of 2019: a non-fiction book about murders occurs in Whitechapel just before Jack The Ripper began to strike.

2 stars:

The catacombs was a little better than the other two in the series (Suicide forest/island of the dolls), but the plot is basically the same. Also, the main culprit is always the same kind of  “creature”.

I’ve read dozens of yaoi fanfictions with a better plot and better s*x scenes of The magpie lord. Totally not impressed, I won’t finish this series.

1 star:


The only 1 star book is a book about Christmas. Unholy night (that’s the original title) was funny only when Mary or her husband are involved. So, for me, that’s the last book written by Grahame Smith that I read in my life.


And that’s was my reading month, how about yours?

Tell me in the comments!

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