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Wrap Up: October 2019

Hello readers!

October is finished (buhuuu) so have a look of what I have read during this month: I’ve read a total of 10 books in October, but I DNFed 2 of them. I decided to include in this post also the books that I read in Italian.

5 stars:


Constable & Toop is a great middle grade with gothic aspects and a cover that, frankly, creeps me out. That ghost behind the boy… isn’t beautiful the perspective?

The Carnelian Crow, the fourth book in the Stoker and Holmes series, the best steampunk /historical fiction series out there, and it’s so underrated.

4 stars:

Mirror mirror is a short story about a haunted mirror… and it’s really scary, mostly because resemble a true story, and it’s written so well.

Last year I’ve read The clockwork alchemist and the two main characters were so cute that I decided to read all the series of The Thief’s apprentice , fortunately it was included in Kindle Unlimited.

3 stars:


My first paranormal cozy mystery is Greensmith Girls: funny and easy to read, but a little unbelievable.

2 stars:

The Gadgeteer is a steampunk with a strong protagonist and her pet fox… but for me, it wasn’t love at first sight. It’s excessively long and sometimes boring, but I really like the costume of the girl on the cover.

L’eroe perduto (The Lost hero). Here I am, giving 2 stars to a Rick Riordan’s book. I’m just missing Percy so much.

1 star:


Wicked children is not a book: is a mere excuse to promote the other books of the author. 30 pages of a list of murderous children, with links to buy her books, then two previews of other books for a total of 36 pages. I wrote to Amazon to remove this from their catalogue.


Scary covers, right? Well, one book is full of stupid characters that make stupid decisions (The slender man), the other (morte a 666 giri) is full of typos, misogynist characters and violence against animals.

And that’s all, have you read some horror/creepy book for Halloween?

Tell me in the comments!


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