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Wrap Up: September 2019

Hello readers!

And finally, it’s October, the best time of the year, because… Halloween!!


I’ve read a total of 11 books in September: 1 DNF (and it’s a hyped book…) and 3 books in Italian.

I’ve also finished The AtoZ reading challenge!

5 Stars:


Do you think I’ve cried reading this little book? Yes, I’ve cried a lot. Thanks to Edelweiss for sending me an e-book copy.

3 stars:

I had great expectations from Podkin One-ear, but it was disappointing. The Male hero is glorified even if he doesn’t nothing, and his sister who is brave and wise is treated as a secondary character.

UnEnchated was my choice for the AtoZ reading challenge. I’m not a fan of retelling or modern fairy tale, but this one is funny and readable.

2 stars:

I love so much the cover of Limelight: unfortunately, the “mystery” is pretty simple and predictable. I don’t think I will continue this series.

Faraday & Frankenstein is a short story (31 pages) that sounds like a sequel to Frankenstein, but it was without meaning, pointless.

How to write a boring steampunk story: The shadow revolution is the perfect example. The male MC was boring, but I’ve loved to death Kate, the female sidekick. She’s amazing.

1,5 stars:


I’ve read Suicide Forest because I was interested in the 4th book of this series, Doll Island. It’s a series based on the most haunted places in the world, but this book is full of stupid characters who made stupid decisions. I won’t read Doll Island.



Shame on me. I tried, but on page 60 I decided that the writing of Sawkill Girls was not for me.


And that was my reading month! How was yours? Have you read some of these books?

Tell me in the comments down below!

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