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Wrap Up: June 2019

Hello readers!

Right now in Italy we are literally melting, the last Friday we had 38°C. in my town. Unbelievable.

In June I’ve read 9 books, finally I read a 5 stars book (yeeee) and at the young age of 32, I’ve read Pride and Prejudice (in Italian).

5 Stars:


The wingsnatchers, that’s the title, even if it’s written so small on the cover, it’s an amazing steampunk/fantasy middle grade. I love it!

3 stars:


The lady in the coppergate tower is a steampunk retelling of Dracula/Rapunzel: interesting but a little boring in the middle.

Mom’s perfect boyfriend is a contemporary really cute with a lot of family dynamics.

2 stars:


Old Dark is a fantasy with a chapter narrated by Dragons: interesting but really violent.

Barnabas Tew and the case of the missing scarab is the first volume in the series: it’s a little boring, maybe it’s your cup of tea if you’re interested in Egyptian Mythology.

The nine worlds is the same as the first book, only with the Gods of Asgard.

Karma (2.5/5) is an urban fantasy for adult (there are mature contents) with characters like Karma and Murphy’s law.

1 star:


A fat shaming book with a stupid male main character and some scenes really WTF? The green dressed ghost is a big NO for me.

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