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Wrap Up: May 2019

Hello readers!

How are you? Have you read something good in May?

I read 10 books in May, but unfortunately only one was really good, and it’s in Italian, so there wouldn’t be a 5 stars read in this post!

I’m really excited about A Game Of Booksathon that will begin today! Are you participating?

3 stars:

Chapter 2 is missing is a funny children’s comic that I received as an ARC.

The stone of the tenth realm is the first book in a fantasy series: it’s original and the rating on Goodreads is really high!

2 and a half stars:


Another ARC, a memoir of an introvert person trying to be more extrovert. I didn’t like it so much.

2 stars:

Hello, it’s me, always disliking the super-hyped books. With Carry on I decided to stop reading Rainbow Rowell’s books.

Magic of thieves has a beautiful cover, but an insipid story.

1,5/1 Star:

I had high expectations for The land of Yesterday, and I was really disappointing. But the cover is lovely.

The whimsyless tale of Firstname Lastname was just bad. Really bad.

And that was my reading month!

Tell me your best read of May in the comments!


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