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Wrap up: April 2019

Hello readers! Welcome to my April 2019 wrap up! I’m back for my hiatus! Thanks for your messages, I really appreciated them.

How was your reading month? In April I read 10 books, 2 were in Italian and 1 was a DNF.

5 stars:


The yard is a fantastic historical fiction/crime book, I’ve loved it so much!

4 stars:


I received the ARC of Dead school, and is a funny book with a twist of dark humor.

3 stars:


Johannes Cabal The Detective is a great series, but I didn’t like this second book like the first one. Tamamo the Fox maiden is a graphic novel on Asian myths, very interesting. The flaw is all magic is a fantasy steampunk with a great female side character. Thornghost has a beautiful cover, but the previous book was better.

2 stars:


Oh Crenshaw, how disappointing were you! And the cover is so beautiful!

Zombie boy press start was a required reading for my A to Z reading challenge! It’s not easy to find books that begins with Z.

And that was my reading month! Have you read a 5 stars book this month?

4 thoughts on “Wrap up: April 2019”

  1. The second Johannes Cabal book surprised me because it felt so different to the first, but it’s grown on me over the years! The author said he wanted each book in the series to be different to the previous and I think he totally accomplished that! No 5 star reads for me this month but there were a ton of 4 star ones–which is good enough for me! 😀

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