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When translation goes wrong: Eng vs Ita #3

Hello and welcome back to this meme that I created, in which I compare the original english title (and cover), with the translated one.

The previous post:

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This time I will show you a thriller that I read in December 2018, and it became one of my fave reads of the year:

The Sherlockian by Graham Moore


I really like this cover, it’s pretty simple but it’s perfect for a crime/thriller book.

And then the Italian cover and title:


Franly speaking, I love this cover. I have on my bookshelves three or four books with a character on the cover, surrounded by the fog. It seems to be a leitmotiv.

But can we talk for a moment about this title?

The man who hated Sherlock Holmes? Really?

This book has waited on my TBR for years, because of this title. Why I have to read this book, when I already know that was Conan Doyle the man who hated Holmes?

The cover blurb says also: The last enigma for the greatest detective of all the time. But it wasn’t Holmes who investigate, it was Conan Doyle. tumblr_o6livvg8i11rzd9pfo1_500

In fact, it’s a really good book, especially for the parts sets in the past. The couple of detectives Conan Doyle/Stoker is really funny, and the mystery is well articulated.

I recommend it if you like historical crime/thriller, or are a fan of Conan Doyle’s work.

Have you read this book? Which covers is your fave?




2 thoughts on “When translation goes wrong: Eng vs Ita #3”

  1. Some book titles are really lost in translation, aren’t they? They knew they could not keep the title “Sherlockian” and gave free rein to their imagination, which is not always a good thing.

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