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2019: My Reading Resolutions

Hello again!

Today I’m here to share with you my reading resolutions for this year. I know I’m late, sorry!

  1. Reading at least 100 books: in the last month, a certain type of anxiety has risen in me. I own a lot of books, most of them are to be read. So this year, I want to read at least 100 books, but I’m planning on reading between 8 and 10 books per month, so I hope to reach 120 by the end of the year.
  2. Reading the older books on my shelf: some of the books that I still need to read are with me from at least 3 years, so before I went to live in my current home. I’m a little ashamed of that.
  3. Finish some series: I have a lot of series I need to finish, like The Gardella chronicles and The Three Musketeers trilogy.
  4. No more genre that I don’t like: in December I finally decided that I don’t want to try to read genre that I didn’t like in the past, like sci-fi. I have tried and I have failed, and now I’m tired.Β  I will eventually read the older books that I already have, but no more than these.
  5. The 26 books for the A to Z challenge: I’m participating in the A To Z challenge, and I need to read 26 books with specific titles. I’m so excited!
  6. More classic, more non-fiction: in the past years I accumulated a lot of classics I want to read, and last year I think I read…0. Well done, Diana! I discovered that I really like non-fiction books, and I added a lot to my wishlist, so I hope to read it more this year! I began with Bedlam that was bad, but now I’m reading All That Remains and it’s so good!


And these are my resolutions! What do you think? Do you set a goal on Goodreads?

6 thoughts on “2019: My Reading Resolutions”

  1. I set myself a challenge of 30, but I’ve already read 8…so..may have to up my numbers! However I did join the Goodreads 2019 challenge group, and I’m excited because I’m doing a ‘clear the shelf’ challenge, reading 15 books I’ve had on my shelf forever, who knows, maybe I’ll hate them and get rid of them to make room for more! lol

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