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The New Year’s Book Tag

I found this tag on As Told By Tina, and it’s perfect for this time of the year!

1. How many books are you planning to read in 2019?

The first thing that I did every January 1st is set my Goodreads Challenge, and this told so much about my social life. This year my goal is 100, but I hope to read between 100 and 120.

2. Name 5 books that you didn’t get to this year but want to make a priority in 2019.
The last Magician by Liza Maxwell

Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend

The Time Machine By Wells

Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman

The raven’s tale by Cat Winters

3. What genre do you want to read more of?
I want to read more historical fiction, because I love it so much, and more non-fiction too.

4. Name 3 non book related goals for 2019.
Survive another year, just this.


5. What’s a book you’ve had forever that you still need to read?
Probably the last instalment in the Gardella Chronicles by Colleen Gleason. When I was a teen I was obsessed with vampires, but right now my love is diminished. However, this series is great!

6. One word that your hoping 2019 will be:
Friendly: a year friendly with me, with my family, without all the drama of the past years. Friendly also because I want to make new friends.

7. Tag a friend! I tag you!!

3 thoughts on “The New Year’s Book Tag”

  1. I really need to read the Last Magician too. I have no idea why I have never read it. Another one is The Lord of Shadows. I haven’t read it yet. I was waiting for QOA and it came and went. I’m scared to death because I heard it was heartbreaking. Great job on this tag!

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