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Worst books of 2018

Hello everyone! Here’s my post with the worst/most disappointing/DNF books of 2018. I’m really a bad person, so probably there will be a lot of books. Please be aware that I will include the books that I read in Italian and also that’s only my opinion.

If I have to choose the worst of the worst, the book that I hated most in 2018, it will be I, Lucifer. A spark Unseen was really disappointing, because the first book of this series was really good.

The last days of night... so incredibly boring, even with an interesting setting.

Mr confidence was so sexist and so rude that I decided to not accept review copies anymore.


I dodici(The Twelve) was ridiculous, I hated the MC of Vita dopo Vita (Life after Life) and I hated Ci vogliono le palle per essere una donna (How to be a woman).

And that’s the ending, these are all the books that I hated or didn’t like it.

What are the worst books you read in the past year?


3 thoughts on “Worst books of 2018”

  1. You didn’t like The Alienist? I really enjoyed it. What didn’t you like about it? I tried to read I Lucifer too…and I couldn’t get past the first chapter. It was so bad!


    1. Well, I saw the first episode of the tv series before reading it, and I was disappointed by the differences between the book and the show. I found the book boring and I was angry when a character says that the investigation wasn’t really important.

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      1. I agree that the book does start out a bit slow, though the investigation is certainly important to the majority of the characters, I assure you. But I can see how you might find the book a bit boring. It started off a bit slow for me too.

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