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December 2018 Wrap Up

Hello everyone! I’m here for the classic wrap up of the month, and I promised you that in the first days of January I will write the Best and The worst books of 2018. I usually write it in the new year, so I can include all the books I’ve read.

In december I read 7 books, 4 in Italian.

That are 2 best books this month, one Italian and one English: L’uomo che odiava Sherlock Holmes (The Sherlockian) and Clockwork Alchemist.

I also finished the nearly 500 pages of The Sinner. And it wasn’t as good as the Tv show.

Don’t eat the glowing bananas: well… it’s weird sci-fi, and it’s a genre that I didn’t like. But I like the cover. 2 stars

Clockwork Alchemist: I love a good old steampunk book. This book has not a great background, but the characters are so lovely. 5 stars.

A time traveller’s best friend: it’s sci-fi and I can’t relate to the characters. The chapters also seems disjointed. 2 stars.

I wish a Happy New Year to all of you!!

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