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When translation goes wrong: Eng Vs Ita #2

Hello and welcome back to this meme in which I compare the original english title of a book with the translated one.

Today I want to show you a bestseller book that I love so much: The martian by Andy Weir.

I love Mark! This book is hilarious, funny, and it’s probably the only sci-fi book that I like.

This is the original cover.


And this is the italian one:


I know what are thinking right now: omg Diana, this is the exactly same cover, and even the title (The man of Mars) is pretty good, so why are you writing this post?

Because the problem here is that when the movie was out, they decided to change cover (with the movie tie-in, of course), to change title of the book, and spoil everyone with the title of the movie too!!


You can’t name it “Survivor: the martian“!!!! This is a spoiler as big as Mars!!


And I know some people that don’t even know that “l’uomo di Marte” and “Sopravvissuto: The martian” are the same book!

I loved the movie too, but I was so disappointed when I saw this title.

What are your thoughts? Do you saw this movie?


6 thoughts on “When translation goes wrong: Eng Vs Ita #2”

  1. I so love thoses.
    oh my god 😂 that’s such a crazy one… what in hell were they thinking ?? I understand people not figuring out it’s the same book, I for one would’ve thoughts it’s the second part or something.

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  2. What?? How could you do that to people?? I seriously think movie companies are evil sometimes… Either that or completely out of touch with reality. Hopefully you got to read the book first before you were spoiled?
    Anyway, thanks for sharing! It’s always cool to read about this stuff, even if it makes my bookworm heart bleed a little…

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