wrap up

August 2018 Wrap Up

Sorry, I’m late, but I’m currently moving into my new office.

Wow, this month I read a total of 9 books, but I DNF 2 of them.

The Hare’s Not-So-Spiky Hedgehog by Lee Hayton: a strange retelling of the turtle and the hare. The cover is original. 2 stars.

Ghost writer by Nick Wisseman: I received this horror novella for free, but it’s not good. It’s a little scary, but without explanation and a proper ending. 1 star

I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan: the first DNF of the month. One of the worst book I ever read. At page 6 was horrible enough to make me regret the decision to read it.

The care and feeding of a pet black hole by Michelle Cuevas: Lovely little middle grade with an original title and a metaphor of life. 3 stars.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Seek by Anthony O’Neill: a “sequel” of The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but with more action, more mystery and with a lovely cover. The ending was disappointing. 3 stars.

The benefits of being an octopus by Ann Braden: I received it from Netgalley, this contemporary is sad and well written. And I love octopus. 3,5 stars.

The song of Achilles by Madeline Miller: I fell in love with the cover of Circe, but I never read a book of Miller, so I try with this. I was reluctant first, because I know that this would be a sad story. And it was, but was also heartbreaking and wonderful and this book is perfection. A million stars.

How was your reading month?




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