When translation goes wrong: EngVsIta titles #1

Hello! Here’s another little meme of my own, in which I confront the original English titles of the books with the Italian translated ones.

Why? Because a lot of times, I didn’t know/comprehend that a new release in Italian it’s the same book I put on my wishlist, because of the absurd/weird/wrong title it has.

Or because I’m stupid and out of vogue, I don’t know.

The first example will be with (obviously) with the book after this blog is named:

Fortunately, the milk by Neil Gaiman.


I personally own this hardback edition: it’s so shiny and colourful, and it’s my preciouuusss.

But I really like the white hardback edition too.


The dinosaur is pretty different, but it’s okay.

And then BAM, we have the italian edition:


The cover is pretty plain and simple, and I didn’t dislike the “newspaper” style. But if you are wondering, “L’esilarante mistero del papà scomparso” means “The exhilarating mistery of the missing dad”.

“Fortunatamente, il latte” will be the exact translation of the original title, but as the author made a parody of the famous quote “Where there is life(milk), there is hope”, maybe a title referring to this quote will be better.

I’m not creating this post to discredit the italian editors/graphic, and I’m curious about other editions too. What title this book had in your country?

What’s your favourite cover?

3 thoughts on “When translation goes wrong: EngVsIta titles #1”

  1. Is it normal for them to change the titles instead of just translating them?!?! The English titles and covers are so quirky and fun and silly and look like they would be a good book to read. The Italian title and cover sounds and looks kinda boring!

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