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Mid-Year Freak out Book tag

Half year is passed, and still I have a lot of books to read! My challenge on Goodreads is going well: I’m 11 book ahead of schedule!

1.Best Book You’ve Read This Year?




2. Best Sequel You’ve Read in 2018?


The italian edition of “No time like show time”.



 4. Most Anticipated Release For The Second Half Of The Year?

I didn’t read a lot of new release, but I recently been approved on Netgalley for this book, and I’m happy because Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hide is one of my fave classic.37827590



5. Biggest Disappointment?

The alienist was a disappointement for the tv series too. (But I always love Luke Evans)


6. Biggest Surprise?



7. Favorite New To You Or Debut Author?

Sara Wolf is definitely in my list of new favourite authors, along with Katherine Applegate and Tone Almhjell.

9. Newest Favorite Character?

Princess Olive from The Ugly Princess is amazing!

Zera from Bring me their Hearts is also amazing and sarcastic, along with Malachite.

Rufus and Lin from The Twistrose Key and Ivan and Ruby from The One And Only Ivan!


10. Book That Made You Cry?

11. Book That Made You Happy?




14. Most Beautiful Book You’ve Bought This Year?



15. What Books Do You Need To Read By The End of the Year?

All of them?

Frankly, I need to read at least 100 books this year, or else I need a new home.


7 thoughts on “Mid-Year Freak out Book tag”

  1. Oh dear! I’ve seen the movie adaptation of Wonder and Gone Girl but haven’t read their books. This post is making me wanna read them lol

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