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It’s a beautiful quote! #1

Hello to everyone! Today I’m here with a new meme, created by me, where I share a quote that I love.

The title for this meme it’s from a song of Michael Bublè (“It’s a beautiful day”, you can hear it here). I have the same meme on my italian blog, but it’s named “Keeping in my memory” from a song of Linkin Park.

If there is a meme of another blogger with the same title, please tell me!

“This is the very first footage of a giant squid ever taken in which the squid is swimming around in its own enviroment. Imagine this sea-monstery unbelievable thing with eyeballs the size of a person’s head, and a body and tentacles twenty-five feet long. As long as a school bus. Now, realize that no one’s ever seen one moving around down there before. It’s a pretty huge miracle, and if this exists, maybe there are things in Loch Ness too. Maybe there are things everywhere, all over the place. Maybe there’s…hope?

Because every time someone finds a new animal, or a new amazing thing on earth, it means we haven’t broken everything yet.”


(Magonia, Maria Dahvana Headley)

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